If you are going to buy a new iPhone, you must hurry! Here’s why

Apple’s largest iPhone supplier, Foxconn, may experience a production problem due to its closed-loop system! Details are here…

Things are not going well at Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing facility. Because the factory located in Zhengzhou, China, entered the closed-circuit system due to the country’s strict stance on the pandemic. Workers working in the closed circuit system started to flee the factory because they could not stand the bad conditions. This situation is expected to negatively affect iPhone production and thus supply. So when will the manufacturing issue at Foxconn start affecting iPhone supply, and has Apple made a statement? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.


iPhone production at Foxconn could drop by as much as 30 percent!

It was alleged that 200,000 workers at Foxconn began to flee when the factory went into the closed circuit system. Even the videos allegedly belonging to these moments were shared on some social media platforms. In the footage, it was seen that the workers tried to escape from the campus of the factory by getting off the wires. However, there is no proof that these videos are real. Due to these problems Foxconn is experiencing, iPhone production is expected to decrease by up to 30 percent. If that happens, there could be negative consequences for iPhone supply next month.


Apple reviewed the standard iPhone 14 models!

Speaking to Reuters, a Foxconn employee announced that Apple increased production at another factory in Shenzhen to close this gap. Foxconn said in a statement that it has taken control of the situation and is cooperating with other facilities to avoid production problems. Foxconn, Apple’s largest iPhone maker, handles 70 percent of worldwide shipments. Apple has not yet made a statement on the matter. Foxconn also released a statement promising to improve living and working conditions for workers. In this statement, he stated that after November 1, he will open new canteens, distribute medical care supplies, and provide better quality meals to workers caught in Covid.

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