Coronavirus Crisis At The World’s Largest iPhone Facility!

The coronavirus outbreak has this time affected the largest iPhone manufacturing facility in China. Due to the increasing cases, “closed circuit” production was started at the factory in Cingcou, while the campus was closed with metal barriers. A total of 300 thousand people are under quarantine in the giant facility.

The epidemic prevention measures implemented due to Kovid-19 cases at the Taiwanese Foxconn company’s factory in Hnan province, one of the largest facilities where Apple’s smartphones are produced in China, made the daily life of workers difficult. With the posts on social media platforms in China, the problems caused by epidemic measures and movement restrictions at the production facility in Cingcou came to the fore.


In the posts, “closed circuit” production started in the facility, where approximately 300 thousand workers are employed, as of the first week of October, the campus was closed with metal barriers, eating in cafeterias and cafeterias was prohibited, and workers were allowed to go to their dormitories on campus using only certain routes. In the remarkable posts, it was claimed that the factory management did not intervene in the cases in a timely manner, that people with Kovid-19 were isolated in the workers’ dormitories, and a group of workers were quarantined in the dormitories. unfinished building. While the workers in quarantine complained that they were not provided with adequate food and health services, the posts expressing their problems on social media were censored.



Foxconn said in a statement that while arguing that the measures were taken in accordance with local epidemic protection policies, “a small number of employees were affected by the epidemic”. “Foxconn is providing the necessary measures for survival for the small number of employees affected by the outbreak, including financial needs, psychological support and prompt feedback, in line with local epidemic prevention policies,” the statement said. statement was included. Apple did not comment on the matter.


In the city of 10 million, where Foxconn’s factory is located, 26 cases have been detected in the last 24 hours, 3 of which show signs of illness, while it is not known whether the workers are included in this total. Despite the small number of cases and the majority of them showing no symptoms, the use of quarantine measures indicates that China will insist on strict epidemic control measures called “zero cases”. Travel restrictions require strict and large-scale measures such as mass testing, restricting or maintaining closed-circuit activities of businesses in manufacturing, trade and service sectors. In addition to interfering with the normal flow of life, the measures also bring discussions in terms of their economic costs.


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