I-Phone Users Will Be Able To Measure Their Height With This Feature, LEADER

I-Phone Users Will Be Able To Measure Their Height With This Feature, LEADER

Apple offers various features to users in many new models. Among the prominent applications among these innovations was Measure. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to measure their height on their iPhone smartphones.

Apple offers many features to users on new generation smartphones.

Among these features, the application called Measure stands out.


With Measure, users can easily measure the height of themselves or objects with the LIDAR scanner feature on their camera.


However, the Measure app is only available on a limited number of iPhone models.

Users with Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Mac models will be able to take advantage of the Measure app.


Here’s how you can use the Measure app:

By opening the Measure app, you’ll need to point your iPhone at the person you want to measure, then view it from head to toe.



Light Detection and Range Determination system is available on new generation iPhone phones.

Located next to the rear cameras, this sensor works with light waves and radar logic.

With this system, it is possible to measure the distance in the environment, the height of objects and/or people.

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