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How to Get a Turkish Residence Permit in 5 Steps?

Turkey is preferred by many foreigners due to the advantages of both social and working life in recent years. It is also not possible for foreigners to apply for a residence permit without entering the country with a valid visa. On the other hand, there are different types of residence permit in Turkey. Foreigners can only apply for the type of residence permit they meet the necessary legal requirements.

Initial applications or exchange applications vary according to the type of application (short term, permanent, family or student residence permit) or the purpose of staying. The application must be made before the expiry date of the visa or residence permit. While making your application, you must fill out the residence permit application form completely. Please make sure that the contents of the documents related to your situation are complete. After completing the application form, the residence permit application form, application date, time and number will be produced by the system together with the required documents. Foreigners have the legal right to a residence permit in Turkey with this application form until the date of appointment. However, this document does not guarantee the right of foreigners to enter and exit the country.

Now, you can take a look at our 5-step application guide for a short-term residence permit.

STEP 1- Application

Before starting your online application, we recommend that you have the following documents with you in order to successfully complete the process:

  • Your passport
  • A digital passport photo (White background, Biometric, taken in the last 6 months)
  • Your detailed address in Turkey
  • Your valid health insurance (You can get Health Insurance from our office in Ankara or Taksim)
  • Your own Turkish phone number (recommended)

You can see all the processes related to the first application stages from the video below.

STEP 2- Make Sure Documentation Accuracy

This step is the most important step in your residence permit application. Because we will need to support your application with official documents depending on your nationality. These are passport, marital status, age, requested length of stay and application type. We will give you the right steps and the right advice so that your residence permit application is successfully approved.

In this step, you should definitely review the criteria such as the validity date of your photo, the validity of your passport and the eligibility of your rental contract.

STEP 3 – Having Valid Health Insurance

Foreigners who will stay in Istanbul longer than their visa periods are obliged to have health insurance. If you will stay more than 90 days in Turkey, you need a residence permit. Foreigners can get a health insurance policy in their own countries or Turkey. However, the private health insurance that foreigners have in their country depends on certain countries and conditions. If you buy a health insurance in Turkey, average insurance charges will be as follows.

18-25145 TL 41-50 310 TL
26-30195 TL 51-55 410 TL
 31-35209 TL 56-60470 TL
 36-40235 TL 61-64 740 TL

STEP 4- Get Ready for Appointment Day

Especially if you have applied for a residence permit for Istanbul, you should find out the address of your place of appointment clearly. Make sure you have all the documents and their copies before you go to your appointment. Otherwise, returning for missing documents can be tiring.

If you have prepared all the documents mentioned above, you are now ready to go to your appointment. Actually, there is not much to tell about appointment. Because if you arrived at your appointment at the specified time, you will be directed to one of the migration experts and show your rotation number. The immigration expert will tell you that you have to wait and they will call you or start checking your paperwork. After receiving and checking your documents, you will need to pay the fee for your residence permit card. You can make your payment at the cash desk on the second floor of the Provincial Immigration Administration. Residence permit card fee is 58.50₺. You will also pay the residence permit visa fee. Experts will calculate this fee depending on the duration of the residence permit and your nationality.

STEP 5 – Wait for Your Application Result

If you plan to leave Turkey after completing all your documents, do not forget to request a Residence Permit Application Form on your appointment day. This document allows you to travel for a maximum of 15 days until you have your residence permit card. After receiving your first Residence Permit, you will be given a Foreigner Identity Number. You can find instructions on how to find out your Foreigner Identity Number on the internet on this page. In addition, if your residence permit card has not reached you by cargo within an average of 4 weeks, you can get information by contacting the Directorate of Migration Management on the phone number 157.

Ata Kurumsal

Ata Institutional Consulting is a leading consultancy company in its field, with expert personnel, with 12 years of experience, providing residence permit, work permit, Turkish citizenship consultancy and corporate consultancy services to foreigners. Ata Instiutional Consultancy


  1. We are swiss national and would like to live in Turkey after our retirement , please advise the suitable way for obtaining the residence permit for 5 years

    1. Hello, first of all, you can get a family residence permit for 3 years and a tourist residence permit for 1 year in residence permit applications. And you will extend it. If you do not have enough information, you can get service from us:

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