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How is Valentine’s Day Celebrated in Turkey?

The most romantic day of the year (Valentine’s Day) is coming very soon. Lovers begin to think about how to spend this day, what gifts to present.

So how is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Turkey?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated mainly in European countries, so Turkish citizens, especially religious ones, do not particularly like this holiday. But the other part of the population, especially those who are in a couple, adore all this festive fuss.

In Istanbul, very often various restaurants, shops, shopping centers set decorations for Valentine’s Day, thereby creating a festive atmosphere.

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Ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day in Istanbul:

1. Go on a tour of the Bosphorus

This is quite a budget, but nevertheless an interesting option. A beautiful view of the Bosphorus, two lovers and hot tea that will warm you in cold February.

2. Visit a restaurant with a panorama of the beautiful Istanbul.

There is a huge selection of restaurants in Istanbul with a panorama of the incredible Istanbul. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on going to a restaurant, because in Istanbul you can find an institution for any budget.

3. Go to a ski resort.

If you take the popular resort of Kartepe, then the road from Istanbul will take only an hour, and how many impressions. After all, nothing brings people together like actively spending time together.

4. Rent a dome hotel.

Rent a dome hotel. This is quite an expensive option, but rest assured, you will have a great time together. After spending time there, the two lovers will forever remember this day.

Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day of the year, but we must not forget that every day can be made special. You just need to add a little attention and imagination.

Love with us  expatguideturkey 😊. By the way, you can read this article in Russian language: Как в Турции празднуют день Святого Валентина?

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