How to See the Bosphorus in 2 Hours?

You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Bosphorus not only by walking, but also by taking a ferry to it. In this article we will tell you what ways you can take this walk, and also tell you the most budget option.

Most importantly, do not forget to dress warmly, because even in summer it can be cool on the ferry.

How to choose a cruise?

If you want to make a long trip, then Eminenyu or Kadikoy Pier has a lot of options for you. Tourist trips along the strait are carried out daily.

You don’t have to choose the services of any particular carrier. When you are on the embankment, you can notice kiosks with posters advertising tours on the Bosphorus (Bosphorus Tour— – choose any official carrier – Turyol or Şehir Hatları and go for a walk. The prices are very acceptable, for a two-hour tour.

There is also a carrier Turyol (Turyol), which provides tours from the marinas Bakyrkey (Bakırköy), Eminenyu (Eminönü), Kadıköy (Kadıköy) and Uskyudar (Üsküdar). The cost of long tours with this carrier is from 45 liras.

To buy a tour, you need to come to the pier (preferably in the morning) and choose the ferry you like.

There are two types of tour: one is short, it lasts 2 hours, and the second is longer, about 6 hours.

A short tour suggests a route from the Eminenyu Pier to the second Bosphorus Bridge.

A long tour (Uzun Boğaz Turu) is no less interesting than a short one. The 6-hour excursion program is richer. The passenger ship departs from the same berth. In 1.5 hours on the way, the ferry slowly reaches the village of Anadolu Kavagi (Anadolu kavağı). This is a fishing village, which tourists have 3 hours to explore. Interesting to visit is the local fortress of Yoros (Yoros kalesi). Having conquered this height and climbed to the very top of the fortress, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the strait and the beauty of the Black Sea.

Fun on the ferry

Enjoying the incredible view on a walk, you will always be offered traditional Turkish tea, simit or other treats to choose from.

Also during the walk, there is a tradition to feed the seagulls, they fly so close that you literally feed them with your hands.

For such a symbolic price, you can get a lot of pleasure from a walk.

You can read this article in Russian language: Как посмотреть Босфор за 2 часа?

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