Where to Go for Snow if You are in Istanbul

If you are in Istanbul in the winter season and dream of snow, we have a city for you in an hour by car. Its name is Kartepe (tour. Kartepe).

Kartepe in Turkey is a large ski resort located in the mountains, near the coast of the Marmara Sea.

The name of the resort translates from Turkish as “Snow Peak”. The ski season starts in December and lasts until mid-late March.

The best time to visit Kartepe is February and the first week of March.

The thickness of the snow cover ranges from 40 to 90 cm . The average temperature in the winter months is – 5-7 degrees.

From the top of the slopes, panoramas of Sapanja Lake and Kocaeli Bay in the Marmara Sea open. It is for this view of the sea that the resort annually becomes a place of attraction for thousands of skiers from Turkey and neighboring countries.


The total length of the Kartepe trails is 40 kilometers. The resort is equipped with trails of all categories:

Green highway. There is only 1 beginner track in Kartepe. The length of the green highway is 2 km .

Blue tracks. 4 tracks with a total length of 16 km.

Red tracks. 5 trails of medium difficulty, their total length is 20 km.

Black tracks. For fans of extreme sports, there are 2 black descents with a total length of 2 km.

7 cable cars are delivered to the peaks of the skiers: 4 chairlift and 3 towpath. The lifts start working at 09:00 and 10:00 (the exact time depends on the specific lift and weather conditions) and close at 17:00. In the evening, the tracks are not illuminated.

In addition to snow entertainment, you can visit Turkish baths in spa centers, massage or swimming pool. The hotels also always have bars and restaurants where you can have a good time after active entertainment.

We recommend experiencing a winter fairy tale and visiting Kartepe, even if you don’t like active sports. After all, for happiness you need a beautiful view and sincere company.

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