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How to Turn Off Whatsapp Online? – 2023

How to Turn Off Whatsapp Online? – 2023

How to send messages without appearing online on Whatsapp and Whatsapp online shutdown methods are in this article.

If for any reason you want to disable the online feature ofWhatsapp, you will be able to continue messaging without appearing online inWhatsapp after reading this article.

You may have many reasons for Whatsapp online shutdown feature. Regardless of your reason, you will be able to write messages without appearing online on Whatsapp by following the methods below.

How to Turn Off or Hide Whatsapp Online?

  • By typing a reply without entering Whatsapp.
  • By turning off the internet
  • Reply without entering Whatsapp

The online feature in Whats app is a feature that is only active when you are in the app. If you do not enter Whatsapp, you will not appear online. So is it possible to write a reply without entering Whatsapp? Partially, but yes. When someone writes to you, you will see that message in incoming notifications. In this notification that appears at the top of your screen, you will see the “reply” and “mark as read” options. If you click Reply, you can send a message through the notification. When you use this method, you will not appear online because you are not logged intoWhatsapp. This method only works when someone texts you, so if you are the one who initiated the conversation, this method is invalid.

Turn off the Internet

With this method, you can exchange messages without appearing online, no matter who initiates the conversation. Turn off your internet before entering Whatsapp. After disconnecting from the internet, type your message and press send. Then close WhatsApp. When you turn on your internet, the application will run in the background and you will send your message to the person you want. No one will see you online. Because your internet was off when you entered the application, the online information did not reach other users. When the message is delivered, you will never appear online because you are not in the application. Although it is a bit tricky to turn the internet on and off for each message, this is the ideal method to message without appearing online.

Off Whatsapp Online

It is worth noting that Whats app does not yet have a setting to turn off the online feature completely. We cannot turn off the online feature like turning off Whats app last seen. For this reason, we have to write messages without appearing online with the above methods.

These were our methods for writing messages without online in Whatsapp. We hope this content has been useful for you. Don’t forget to stay tuned to for instant access to content like this, current game and technology news.


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