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How to delete Whatsapp channel feature?

How to delete Whatsapp channel feature?

There are a lot of searches about how to delete Whatsapp channel feature. As you know, Whatsapp recently launched a beta feature. This feature is not liked by some users and wants to be removed. Here is how to remove Whatsapp channels!

We have researched in detail how to delete Whatsapp channel feature. Whatsapp has recently released a very important feature! Just like Telegram, this new feature, which will allow users to make announcements by creating Channels, was expected by many people. At the same time, there are a lot of people who are trying to delete this feature involuntarily. Let’s examine it in detail!


Whatsapp’s recently released new feature, Channels, is liked by many users, but it is also disliked by many people. Let’s examine how to delete Whatsapp channel feature. You can learn how to close channels in Whatsapp by following the instruction below.

  • First open the Whatsapp application
  • Then click on the three vertically positioned dots in the upper right corner
  • Then tap on the settings section at the bottom
  • In this section, find the section called account and tap it
  • If you have this section turned on, you will see a place called account security. Click there.
  • In this section, tap where it says beta features
  • From this section, you can remove the beta of the channels by saying un-beta

If you do not have the above sections, we also mentioned different solutions in the rest of our guide.


On some phones, the method we described step by step above does not work. For this reason, we have an alternative method. If we look at the logic of this method, we can say that it solves the problem radically. You can turn off the Channels feature by uninstalling the new update for Whatsapp’s beta features.

delete Whatsapp channel

However, there is a situation here. This solution is not permanent. Whatsapp will eventually make you update this update. Maybe this will take 1 month, maybe 1 year. Because as updates come to applications, very old versions are retired.


Whatsapp brought an update with its new decision. Thanks to this update, which is still in beta version, users will be able to create channels on Whatsapp. Announcements can be made to thousands, perhaps millions of people through these channels. As you know, there was a limitation of 5000 people in the community feature. You can liken the channels feature to the channels in Telegram.

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