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The lively Van Cat, who can’t stay still with its playful and curious character; It is in the first place among the cat breeds that are desired to be raised as a house cat. Its price is quite high due to high demand. If you do not have the opportunity to buy, you can find the opportunity to own a Van cat if you do enough research. Due to the decrease in the number of periods, its sale outside of Van is prohibited. With the increase in the work done at Van Yuzuncu Yil University, it was allowed to be resold. However, the sale of cats abroad is still prohibited.

van cat

Van Cat Features and Appearance

The appearance of the Van cat; looks like a little lion. Its tail is abundantly hairy. It walks by keeping its tail straight while walking. It is very noble in appearance. The Van cat spread to our country from the Van Sea Valley in Van, where it got its name. The characteristics of the Van cat are as follows.

  • The Van cat originates from Turkey. It is quite striking with its double colored eyes.
  • One eye can be blue and one eye amber.
  • The player is curious and sociable.
  • The feather color is usually white.
  • It is a medium sized cat.
  • Its fur consists of long hairs.
  • It has a long tail structure.
  • He is a pretty good swimmer.
van cat

Van Cat Character Traits

The most striking feature among the character traits of the Van cat is that it is warm-blooded and friendly. He’s pretty good with people. The most distinctive feature of this furry friend is its devotion to its owner. Especially if he is adopted, he owns the family he enters and shares all his love with the family. The Van cat is an emotional cat. Their emotions are very strong. He takes care of his family members individually. Who is happy, who is unhappy. When he notices unhappy family members, he takes care of them closely.

Van cat; Compared to other cat breeds, it loves to play with water. Even if it is a small puddle, he jumps into it and starts playing. For this reason, you should not choose very large drinkers. Medium-sized cat drinkers will be more comfortable. It is not a very noisy breed. It prefers to meow when it wants to say something to its owner. Being a social cat breed, it also gets along well with other pets.

van cat turkey

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