Akdamar Island, Van

Akdamar Island is one of the must-see places when visiting Van. Akdamar Island, the second largest island of Lake Van; It is located close to the Gevas district of Van. On Akdamar Island, there is the Akdamar Church, whose history dates back thousands of years. I would like to share with you the story that forms the name of Akdamar Island and is constantly told among the people. In ancient times, there was an Armenian family living on the island of Akdamar. The Armenian high priest of Akdamar Church had a beautiful daughter named Tamara. In a village near the island, a young shepherd sees Tamara and falls in love with her charming beauty. While falling in love with the island despite the long distance, the young shepherd swims to the island every night and wants to meet Tamara. Tamara shows her loved one where she is with a flashlight. They meet secretly for a while.

Akdamar Island Van

When Tamara’s father finds out about this, he tries to separate the two. One unsuccessful, stormy night locks Tamara in the church, takes a lantern and descends to the shore of the island, constantly showing different places with the lantern, causing the young man to swim to the wrong side. The young man, who is constantly swimming in the stormy lake, gets tired when he is about to drown and shouts “AH TAMARA” with the pain of his burning heart. Hearing this sad cry, Tamara sees the death of her loved one and leaves herself to the cool waters of the lake in the hope of reuniting with her beloved. From that day on, O island of Tamara! naming begins. Ah Tamara takes the name Akdamar over time. It is known as Akdamar Island.

Akdamar Island

How To Go To Akdamar Island How To Go To Akdamar Island Although this story has nothing to do with historical facts; In the magical environment of Akdamar Island, where nature and history meet, you will remember this legend and hear a bitter “Ah Tamara” cry. The high rate of visits to Akdamar Island in Van facilitated transportation. If you are visiting Van for the first time, Akdamar Island should be one of the places you must visit. You don’t have to worry about how you’re doing. Transportation to Akdamar Island is now easier and more economical. If you are going to make your trip on the weekend, you can go more comfortably with the sea buses departing from the Marina. You can take the Edremit minibuses (2 TL) or buses (1.5 TL) on Maras Street and get off at the Marina.

Akdamar Island

You can go to the island in about half an hour by sea bus for 10 TL round trip. If you want to go by boat and enjoy Lake Van, there is a way. You can take the Gevas minibuses (8 TL) from the Van Central district terminal or the Gevas buses (4 TL) opposite the Hz Omer Mosque in Beşyol and get off at Akdamar pier. You will reach the island in approximately 20 minutes by enjoying Lake Van for 10 TL round trip by boat. Entry to the island is free for those with a museum card, 10 lira for those without a museum card. The island has a different beauty in every season, but in the spring the almond trees bloom on the island, which has a magnificent view. While wandering among the almond trees on the island, you often come across rabbits. The historical Akdamar church, historical statues and artifacts will make you feel the other beauty of the island. The church, which has a magnificent view among the trees, adds a special beauty to the island. You will feel like you are on a historical journey while visiting the interior and surroundings of this historical Akdamar Church.

Akdamar Island

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