Ercis Fish Dam, Van

It is located next to the sugar factory, 10 km from the center of Erciş. Fish Dam; It is the spawning place of pearl mullet fish that live only in Lake Van, by passing into a stream with soda and fresh water from Lake Van. This fascinating beauty of nature takes place here. The fish that make great efforts to spawn in the crazy current of Deli Çay, which meets Lake Van, seem to dance, swim and jump in the opposite direction of the water. Fish swimming by jumping against the flow of water create a visual feast. This view, which you cannot see anywhere else in the world, will give you an indescribable peace that will take away all your tiredness. If you want to witness these natural wonders and capture this moment with a photo or video, you should definitely go to the fish bar between April and July, which is the spawning period of the fish. It is also possible to have a picnic in this area surrounded by colorful flowers and greenery. In front of this magnificent view, you should enjoy drinking tea by lighting the samovar, accompanied by the sound and coolness of the water. To watch this magnificent moment and have a wonderful picnic in nature, it costs 1 TL per person and 5 TL for cars. You can also eat fish and bread here. You should definitely go to the fish bar, which is a natural wonder.

Gül Demirci

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