First Flying Car Available for Pre-Order: Here’s the Price and Features!

The first electric flying car is getting ready to enter our lives very soon. Here are the price and features of the first flyin car!

The first electric flying car has received the necessary approval to begin tests on land and in the air.

Alef Aeronautics, a California-based automaker, said in a press release that it received a Special Airworthiness Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the Model A. According to the startup, this is the first approval for a flight-worthy car. Supported by companies like SpaceX.

Alef CEO Jim Dukhovny said, “We provide people with environmentally friendly and faster transportation. This is a small step for airplanes and a giant leap for cars.”

The Flying Car Can Also Go On Land

Due to FAA restrictions developed due to the unprecedented capabilities of flying cars, Alef said her certification limits the places and purpose it is allowed to fly.

The company was founded to produce the first flyingcar capable of both street driving and vertical takeoff. The cars are designed to fit the existing urban infrastructure for driving and parking.

First Flying Car

The flying car can take off vertically or horizontally and can carry up to two people. It is expected to have a road range of 320 km and a flight range of 120 km.

First Flying Car Pre-Orders Opened

Customers planning to purchase the car can pay a deposit of $150 to join the general queue or $1,500 to gain priority access when deliveries begin. The price of the car was determined as 300,000 dollars.

In December, Dukhovny told CNBC Make It that customers can expect to see their cars in the sky by 2025.

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  1. This will not come easy I guess. Reckless drivers on land, reckless they’ll be in the sky.
    We need to toughen our house rooftops too, we are not safe from own homes despite fences.

  2. Anyone know where the Glory holes are at in Wichita, ks?
    I’m trying tO blow my load @ the gloryhole

  3. I just came here to read the comments akin to what was said about a 120 or so years ago about “horseless carriages” and “crazy flying machines”. I’m not disappointed lol.

  4. A pilots license will be mandatory ! Flight plans will have to be logged before one of these ever leaves the ground ! So if anybody think you will be able to go to a local dealership buy one and fly away without one your dead wrong ! Getting licensed to fly is no easy task !!

  5. Even if people can afford to buy this flying car, whether it’s gas or electric once a fly in the air to go to let’s say the grocery store wear with a Park it is there a carport at the grocery store what do they have to park it in the field on mile away and what about storage? Where do you put your groceries or luggage? If you’re going on a trip and where are the fuel stations for such a vehicle? There are too many questions to be answered this is not happening right away I guarantee you.

  6. No, we are not able to produce enough batteries to power electric cars fir the USA. The power grid will not supply enough power to charge everyone’s electric cars

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