Everyone’s New Vacation Route in Turkey! Not Antalya and Mugla!

Everyone’s New Vacation Route in Turkey! Not Antalya and Mugla!

Thousands of citizens queuing up to see the natural beauties are flocking to that city. This beauty makes you forget Antalya and Muğla. The new address of peace is written in that city. It fascinates everyone with its gurgling water and chirping birds. Here is everyone’s new vacation spot…

Hidden in the Taurus Mountains, this natural wonder is neither like Antalya nor Muğla. This untouched beauty in a long canyon fascinates everyone who sees it. The natural wonder that winks at everyone in the steep and sharp rocks has been flooded by tourists in recent years. Here is everyone’s new vacation spot…


Çetmi Waterfall in Konya fascinates everyone who sees it. Çetmi Waterfall, which comes out of the hidden chests of the Taurus Mountains, is located in Çetmi Neighborhood of Taşkent district. The waterfall, located in the Çetmi Canyon, which is surrounded by steep rocks and sharp mountains, opens the doors of a magical world with many waterfalls, large and small, flowing at a height of 50 meters.

While the waterfall in the canyon flows into a pond from a height of 50 meters, it offers magnificent views in 4 seasons. No one can get enough of watching the waterfall, which flows more lush and enthusiastic in the spring months. That waterfall, which the local people have been hiding for years, now welcomes tourists.

Vacation Route in Turkey


The waterfall, which has been turned into a recreation area by Tashkent Municipality, also offers citizens the opportunity to take photos. Most of the employees of the waterfall operated by the municipality are women. While natural and local products are sold in the winter months, pancakes on wood fire, local river fish and boneless trout, churn buttermilk, tea and similar drinks are offered for sale.

Vacation Route in Turkey


Çetmi Waterfall, which attracts visitors from various provinces such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya throughout the year, has become a frequent destination for nature lovers who want to be alone with nature. Those who want to spend time in touch with nature both on weekdays and weekends run to Çetmi Waterfall as soon as they grab their belongings. The waterfall, which is also in the attention of camping, traveling, trekking and nature sports enthusiasts, offers many different activities. While taking advantage of opportunities such as cycling and hiking in the waterfall, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to have a picnic.

Vacation Route in Turkey


While going towards Balcılar direction from Taşkent Ilıcapınar road of Konya, you need to turn towards Çetmi direction from Balcılar Çetmi road junction. 2 kilometers away from the waterfall, you will find the opportunity to cruise on a smooth road. Starting from the spring months until the fall, you can benefit from trout, pancakes, buttermilk and breakfast in the morning.

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