Apple’s Electric Car: Target 2026!

A new price claim has been made for the electric car, which is expected to be released by Apple. Unfortunately, the personal turnover rate of the Apple Car project is quite high. There are glitches.

In a news published for Apple Car, it was stated that the autonomous driving structure prepared for this vehicle will have a supportive nature just like traditional cars. It is said to be available for sale at a price of less than $100,000. This car will be assisted by a special processor called Apple Silicon. ‘

Apple Car Upset with Delayed Release Date and Price Claim

It was learned that Mark Gunman, who draws attention with the information he published about Apple’s products, shared 2 photos about the track where this electric car will be tested.

Although it is said that Apple Car, which will not be a self-driving car, will be offered to drivers in 2024 at the earliest, estimates point to 2026. Some sources believe that this vehicle will be with us in 2028 at the latest.

It is known that Apple wants to produce a self-driving car that allows drivers to watch movies or play games. The processor of the Apple Car, which was previously estimated to be offered for sale with a sales price of over 120,000 dollars, will not look like the chips used in the Mac models, which are the most powerful in terms of performance.

The processor, named Apple Silicon, whose power is said to be equal to 4 Mac chips, is ready for mass production, but Apple’s cost reduction policy may prevent this chipset from being produced.

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