Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses Have Become a Dream!

The latest information reports that the augmented reality glasses called Apple Glass have been delayed indefinitely. Apple’s AR/VR headset is expected to arrive later this year.

Another Apple rumor from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reports that the game-changing augmented reality glasses that will turn people away from the iPhone have been delayed indefinitely.

Despite notable developments such as Google’s abandoned Glass project and Microsoft’s now corporate and military-focused HoloLens, consumer AR glasses are far from usable, at least for now. However, as we saw at CES 2023, companies are working on these products.

Apple Glass Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

Previous reports showed that Apple was working on augmented reality glasses just like Google Glass. Unlike the AR/VR headset that Apple is currently working on, “Apple Glass” would provide digital information superimposed on the real world rather than offering virtual experiences. However, it is stated that Apple is experiencing “technical difficulties” and therefore this project has been postponed indefinitely.

Apple’s first release date for this augmented reality glasses actually marked 2023. However, this date was later shifted to 2025. However, the information coming now at least shows that the device called “Apple Glass” will not happen in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, it is said that most of the employees in Apple’s AR / VR division are working on the mixed reality headsets that the company plans to produce. According to reports, Apple’s mixed reality headset will be released this year. In addition, it is stated that this device will cost $ 3000.

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