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A Delicious Appetizer: Notch Paste (Hummus)

Hummus, which has become very popular in all world cuisines in recent years, is actually an appetizer made since ancient times and originally from the Middle East. It is even claimed that it has been done since the 13th century. Hummus, which is made with changes in its recipe from country to country, can be served with pita bread, bread, sandwiches as well as served with fresh vegetables at the drink tables.

Materlials of Hummus;

  • 3 su bardağı haşlanmış nohut
  • Yarım çay kaşığı zeytinyağı
  • Yarım demet maydanoz
  • 1 limonun suyu
  • 1 çay kaşığı tuz
  • 1 çay kaşığı kimyon
  • Yarım çay kaşığı kara biber
  • 1 yemek kaşığı tereyağı
  • 1 çay kaşığı kırmızı biber

Preparation of Hummus;

  • Drain the boiled chickpeas and peel off their skins.
  • Mash our chickpeas well with a fork or a masher.
  • After all the chickpeas are crushed, finely chop the parsley.
  • Add lemon juice, olive oil, cumin, black pepper, salt and finely chopped parsley on the chickpeas.
  • Mix all the ingredients well with a spoon.
  • Then take our paste on a serving plate and smooth it out with a spoon.
  • Finally, melt the butter. Then add the paprika.
  • Drizzle the chili oil on it.
  • Finally, you can serve it by sprinkling chopped parsley on it. Enjoy your meal!

We are used to seeing tahini in desserts and donuts, but it is a great idea to pour it on this appetizer. Tahini will facilitate the digestion of hummus.


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