75 Thousand TL Discount in One Night! Renault Announces New Prices After SCT Regulation

Renault has updated its price list after the SCT regulation. Models covered by the regulation were Clio, Taliant and Megane. So how did Renault new car and option prices change?
With today’s issue of the Official Gazette, the SCT tax regulation came into our lives. With this arrangement, the prices of new cars decreased a little bit.

Renault was among the first brands to update the price list. When we look at the changes; We see that Clio, Taliant and Megane are affected by the edit. Clio, which could be purchased for 448 thousand TL until yesterday, is now 75 thousand TL cheaper and can be purchased with prices starting from 373 thousand TL. So, what about Renault’s new car and option prices?

Renault New Car Prices – November 2022

ModelInitial PricePre-Regulation Price
Clio373,000 TL448,000 TL
Taliant372.000 TL447,000 TL
Zoe829,900 TL829,900 TL
Captur732.000 TL732.000 TL
Megane542.000 TL573.900 TL
Kadjar929,000 TL929,000 TL
Koleos1.140.000 TL1.140.000 TL

Clio Prices – November 2022

Engine-Fuel Equipment-Gearbox Price
1.0 SCe 65 hp, Gasoline Joy, Manual 373,000 TL
1.0 Turbo 90 hp, GasolineJoy, Automatic458,000 TL
1.0 Turbo 90 hp, GasolineTouch, Automatic507,000 TL
1.0 Turbo 90 hp, Gasoline Icon, Automatic546,000 TL

Clio Option Prices – November 2022

Option TypePricePackage
Front Fog Lights2.250 TLJoy, Touch, Icon
Metallic Color3.500 TLJoy, Touch, Icon
Spare Tire3.500 TLJoy, Touch, Icon
Park Assistant Package6.500 TLTouch
Special Color3.500 TLIcon
Hands Free Parking Support Package30.000 TLIcon
Video Parking Support Package7.000 TLIcon
17” Aluminum Alloy Wheels 6.750 TLIcon

Talian Prices – November 2022

Engine-Fuel Equipment-GearboxPrice
1.0 SCe 65 hp, Gasoline Joy, Manual 372.000 TL
1.0 Turbo 90 hp, GasolineJoy, Automatic466,000TL
1.0 Turbo 90 hp, GasolineTouch, Automatic526,000 TL

Talian Option Prices – November 2022

Option TypePricePackage
Metallic Color3.500 TLJoy, Touch
Spare Tire3.500 TLJoy, Touch
Technology Package10.000 TLTouch
Navigation Package5.000 TLTouch
16” Aluminum Alloy Wheels6.500 TLTouch

Captur Prices – November 2022

1.3 TCe 140 hp, GasolineTouch, Automatic732.000 TL
1.3 EDC 140 hp, HybridTouch Plus, Automatic760.000 TL
1.3 EDC 140 hp, HybridIcon, Automatic789.000 TL
1.3 EDC 155 hp, Hybrid R.S. Line, Automatic871.000 TL

Captur Option Prices – November 2022

Option TypePricePackage
Wheel Package12.000 TLTouch
Double Color Body and Roof5.250 TLTouch, Touch Plus
Metallic Color 4.000 TLTouch, Touch Plus, Icon, R.S. Line
Park Assist Package 5.250 TLTouch
Spare Tire 4.000 TL Touch, Touch Plus, Icon, R.S. Line
7” Easy Link Navigation 10.750 TL Touch
Electric Retractable Glass Roof 32.000 TL Icon

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  1. Let me know manual clio car total price including all taxes? Total price reaches at my home in karabuk.

    1. Hello, dear Amir Ahmed Khuhro,
      I suggest you contact the dealer for detailed information. Thanks for your comment.

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