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5th century basilica found in Alanya Castle

5th century basilica found in Alanya Castle

The remains of a 5th century basilica were found in Alanya Castle, which was built in the Hellenistic period in Alanya district of Antalya and surrounded by 6 kilometers long walls.

Alanya Castle Excavation Head Prof. Dr. Osman Eravşar said that the archaeological excavations they carried out this year revealed a basilica and related spaces in the middle walls.

Eravşar pointed out that when the works in the region are completed, another important history will come to light and emphasized that Alanya was an important religious center during the Byzantine period.

5th century basilica


Stating that a large basilica was waiting for them when they followed the size of the structure on the walls, Eravşar said:

“It is a structure with at least three naves and the apse part faces eastward in a semi-circular shape on a square foundation on the city walls. It also has a view overlooking today’s Alanya district center. It is not known today when this special structure was built. No inscriptions and similar things were found on it. However, to the south of this basilical church, inside a bastion, we came across another chapel and there is an inscription on it. It dates to the early period. In other words, it is a chapel dating to the 5th or 6th century. Therefore, this is a period when the walls, especially on the eastern side, were equipped with chapels and basilicas for religious purposes. With our current knowledge, we say that this started in the 5th and 6th centuries and that major repairs were made in the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries. Future excavations will show us the architecture, identity and uses of the building in the historical process.”

5th century basilica


Eravşar stated that they always thought that there should be such a large structure in Alanya, and noted that some of the places they uncovered in this study were in private property and there were houses on these structures.

Noting that expropriation work should be carried out in the region, Eravşar said that they plan to continue excavation work in other areas with the permission of private property owners.

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