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Alanya is a popular tourist district in Antalya. Alanya Gazipaşa Airport is located 45 kilometers from the district. It is a small peninsula in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. The Taurus Mountains extend to the north of Alanya. The district has preserved its geopolitical importance throughout the history. Alanya is one of the leading holiday regions in the country in terms of tourism. Alanya also has a large share in the purchase of property by foreign investors. Tourism and agriculture stand out as the most important economic activity in the district. Greenhouse production and citrus production are applied with advanced techniques. Alanya also hosts many sports activities and cultural events. The district is known as the Pearl of the Turkish Riviera in the world. On the other hand, there are many university campuses are located in Alanya district such as Akdeniz University and Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University. There are also many places to visit in Alanya like beaches, natural and historical places. Damlatas Cave and Cleopatra Beach are very famous. Check out the most comprehensive Alanya district guide now. You will find the answers of many questions like “Places to see in Alanya” or “How to get to Alanya?” in this guide.

District Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Neighbourhood




0,2 / km2


1,598,00 km2


Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Alanya? If you’re, our special health guide will be helpful for you. In Alanya, there are 1 state hospital, 1 university hospital and 2 private hospitals. In addition, there are many medical centers suuch as eye hospitals, oral and dental health clinics in the district. Especially, you can get high-quality health services in Başkent University Alanya Research and Training Hospital.

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Alanya or real estate for rent in Alanya, you are on the right page. The prices of houses for sale in Alanya have increased by 22.75% in the last year. The average residential area is 120 square meters. The depreciation period of the houses for sale is around 20 years. The neighborhoods that gained the most value in Alanya district were Hacet, Fığla, Kadıpaşa, Avsallar, Küçükhasbahçe respectively. On the other hand, the neighborhoods with the fastest return in Alanya district were Hacımehmetli, Seki, İshaklı, Demirtaş, Tophane respectively. Since affordable and luxurious housing projects are built in these regions, it is preferred by those who want to invest. You can make the most correct investment by examining our ads for apartment options for sale from Alanya real estate agent. You can also add your listings easily if you are selling or renting a house in different neighborhoods of Alanya.

Accommodation in Alanya is an important issue for people who visit city for different purposes like tourism or business. In Alanya, close to the city center and holiday resorts, it is possible to find hotels in all-inclusive concept and accommodation options that serve in bed and breakfast, half board and room concepts only. You can stay in Alanya hotels suitable for the needs of visitors coming to Alanya for business and tourism purposes. You can find a lot of accommodation alternatives in Alanya like world famous five-star hotel chains.

You will find the answers of the “Best places to visit in Alanya” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Alanya” questions in this guide. Choose your destination, click on the guide and start discovering Alanya deeply now. The district has a lot of places to visit. Alanya is one of the most preferred holiday regions of Antalya for vacation. Let’s start with the castles of Alanya first. Alanya Castle, which has become the symbol of Alanya, is located in the city center. One of the most beautiful examples of Turkish architecture, Alara Castle is also worth seeing. Sinek Castle has a magnificent view. Thousands of tourists visit this castle every year. The Red Tower is one of the most magnificent buildings in the region. Alanya Museum, where historical artifacts from many civilizations lived in the region are exhibited, are among the places to visit in Alanya. On the other hand, there are many ancient cities in Alanya. IotapeSelinus Ancient CitySyedra Ancient City and Hamaksia Ancient City are the most important of these. Alanya is a district that should be seen with its natural beauties. Alanya is home to world famous caves such as Sapadere CanyonDamlataş CaveDim CaveÇimeniçi Cave and Aşıklar Cave. The most important is the beaches of Alanya, which are kilometers long. You can enjoy the Mediterranean sea at Cleopatra BeachDamlataş BeachAlanya East Beach and Ulaş Beach. You can also visit Alanya springs such as Dereköy PlateauGökbel Plateau and Gevedet Plateau. For more, check out our guide now!

You can use the buses departing from Antalya Bus Station to reach Alanya. If you came to Antalya by air, you can go to Alanya from the airport by HAVAŞ bus services.

Local transportation in Alanya is provided by public buses connected to the municipality. Commercial taxis are also an alternative for transportation. In addition to these alternatives, you can also rent a car to go to popular visiting places in Alanya.

Alanya also has a marina where cruise ships can dock.


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