375 HP Electric 4×4 Offroad Vehicle from Scottish Company: Munro Mk_1

Reminiscent of the old Defenders with its handmade angular body, the electric Mk_1 offers up to 375 hp and a battery capacity of up to 82 kWh with different power and battery options.

Established in 2019, Scotland-based Munro Vehicles unveiled its first model, which it describes as “the world’s most capable electric 4×4 vehicle”. The vehicle, called Mk_1, draws attention with its angular design.

Munro Mk_1 offers two different power and battery options. On the power side, there are two different options, 220 kW (295 hp) and 280 kW (375 hp). In addition, customers can opt for a battery with a capacity of 61 kWh or greater than 82 kWh. The Munro Mk_1’s maximum driving range is 306 kilometers. The company says that with the Mk_1 it can be done offroad for up to 16 hours on a single charge.

There is 100 kW DC fast charging support for charging. This takes the battery from 15 percent to 80 percent charge in 36 minutes. If the battery is charged from a 22 kW AC charging source, 15-100 percent charging takes 3 hours. Munro is assertive that the battery health will be around 80 percent after eight years and 160 thousand kilometers of use.

Munro Mk_1, which can offer 700 Nm of instant torque up to 80 km / h, has a load carrying capacity of one thousand kilograms and a pulling capacity of 3.5 tons. The top speed of the model, which completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.9 seconds with the Performance version, is limited to 130 km/h. In the model in question, a center-locking differential is standard, and front and rear-locking differentials are offered as options.

The Mk_1, which also has a two-stage transfer case, has a ground clearance of 480 millimeters. The vehicle has approach, departure and snow angles of 84, 51 and 148 degrees, respectively, with a wading height of 800 millimeters. Unlike other 4×4 electric vehicles, the Mk_1 uses a single electric motor. The engine in question is positioned in the middle of the vehicle to achieve the best possible weight distribution.

Since the company has developed an offroad-oriented vehicle, it has chosen to use an axial flux electric motor accordingly. It is stated that this compact engine, which is stated to provide a weight advantage of 40 kg, provides better control of the vehicle at low speeds. Moreover, the fact that the engine produces a very high amount of torque while working in the opposite direction is among the details highlighted by the brand.

Unlike many other electric vehicles, Munro preferred to use a two-stage transmission in the Mk_1. Releasing the accelerator pedal while the vehicle is in second gear, i.e. Drive mode, applies a certain amount of regenerative braking. In the low gear Offroad mode, regenerative braking becomes much more dominant. This allows the vehicle to be driven with a single pedal, as well as a highly controlled downhill function to increase offroad safety and performance.

The Mk_1 is a handcrafted vehicle and the first deliveries are scheduled for 2023. Its price starts from approximately 50 thousand pounds (1,140,000 TL) and goes up to 70 thousand pounds (1.6 million TL) with a more powerful engine and big battery.

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