10 Things to Wonder About the Eastern Express

In this article, we will talk about the Eastern Express, which has been frequently preferred for many years. The train service between Ankara and Kars, namely the Eastern Express, is a compartmented train service that we see in Yesilcam movies. It got this name because it constantly moves eastward. Now we will explain this route to those who are curious. If you have any questions on the subject, share them with us in the comments section.

1-How much are the tickets?

Ticket prices vary according to the compartment you will travel to. Prices for 2022 are generally as follows. Pulman 157 TL. However, discounts are given to students, teachers, veterans and the elderly from time to time. Click here for more information on tickets.

2-Where does the Eastern Express go? Which stops does it stop at?

Eastern Express departs from Ankara Train Station and stops at Kars Train Station. This train departs from Ankara every day of the week at 18:00; It departs from Kars at 08:00. The intermediate stops of this train are as follows. Kirikkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum. It is not clear how long it will stop at the intermediate stops.

3-How Many Hours Does the Orient Express Journey Take?

TCDD announced the total travel time as 24.5 hours. But everyone who goes here states that this period is much longer. Sometimes this period can be up to 30 hours. This time is longer as there are sometimes many breaks at intermediate stops.

4-Which Eastern Express Wagon Should I Prefer?

I would definitely say choose the Sleeper Wagon on the train. This section is for two people. The closet has two bunk beds, a walk-in closet, a mini fridge and a sink (hand wash only). The bunk bed is for four people. If you are more than 4 people, that is, if you are traveling as a group, you should choose the pulman section.

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5-Does Eastern Express Toilets Cause Problems?

Sleeping drivers are more comfortable on the toilet. Fewer people use the toilet, as there is a maximum of 7 compartments in the sleeping car. In addition, there are 2 toilets in the sleeping cars. Since the number of passengers will change in couchette and pullman wagons, there are problems from time to time.

6-Is there food on the train?

Yes, there is food on the train. Here is the Food Wagon. There is a table for 4 people. You are sitting at the table. You are served here. There is nothing on the menu. But you won’t go hungry either. Alcohol is also on the menu. Prices are also quite reasonable. For example, as of 2017, hamburger is 6.5 TL, soft drink is 2.5 TL, breakfast is 9 TL…

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7-Is there a separate section for Eastern Express Luggage?

Unfortunately not. Your suitcase travels with you. But in the sleeping cars there are sections for suitcases. I know it’s not in other departments.

8-Is Pets Allowed on the Orient Express?

Yes, pets are welcome. However, you need to buy a 50% discount ticket for your pet. You cannot choose a sleeper car. If you are traveling with a pet, you can travel with a pulman wagon.

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9-Is Smoking on the Orient Express Train?

Of course, smoking is prohibited on the train. But you can drink illegally. So you can go to our section and have a drink without being seen by anyone. But I also want to make this caveat. I would like to say that when you drink in your own section, the smell envelops the other sections and the entire corridor.

10-Is the Eastern Express Tiring?

You travel for about 24 hours, of course it is tiring. However, the sights you see and the pleasure of traveling make you forget this tiredness. If you are traveling in the Pulman section, you will be very tired. You get less tired here as you have the chance to listen in the sleeping cars. Because the train goes faster at night. You rock a lot like this. A healthy sleep is a bit of a challenge.

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