Kirikkale City Guide

Kirikkale City Guide

Kırıkkale has an important geographical location as it is the junction point of Central Anatolia, Central and Eastern Black Sea and Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. The region, which has a rich historical and cultural history, has the potential to become a tourism city. Kırıkkale provincial center is a public-weighted industrial city, and the economic structure of other district centers and rural areas is based on agriculture. The manufacturing industry in Kırıkkale consists of small and medium-sized enterprises belonging to the private sector, as well as large enterprises belonging to the public.

Check out the most comprehensive Kırıkkale city guide now. You will find the answers of many questions like “Places to see in Kırıkkale” or “How to get to Kırıkkale ?” in this guide.

City Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Districts

Postal Code

Area Code

GDP (Per Capita)


Central Anatolia


62 / km2

-1,25 %

4.575 km2




20,018 $

After city center, Yahşihan is the most developed district of the city with 30.000 population and important industrial facilities. All of the districts of the are imporant agricultural destinations for the region.

The districts of Kırıkkale are Bahşili, Balışeyh, Çelebi, Delice, Karakeçili, Keskin, Sulakyurt and Yahşihan. You will find detailed information for all districts of Kırıkkale in this guide.

Short History of Kırıkkale

Kırıkkale was established in the first years of the Republic and developed in a short time. Weapon factories were established between Kırıkköy and Kale after the republic. Over time, this place developed and the castle and the village were united and took the name Kırıkkale. In 1929, Bucak became the district center in 1944. The military weapon factory played a major role in the development of the district. It became the provincial center on June 15, 1989.

Accommodation in Kırıkkale will be important if you are not resident in this city. There are only a few hotels in different parts of the city. But, you can find many different accommodation alternatives in Ankara which is the nearest city of Kırıkkale.

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Kırıkkale or real estate for rent in Kırıkkale, you are on the right page. As of the end of July 2020 in Kırıkkale, the prices of houses for sale increased by 12.32% in the last year. Average for sale residential property size is 135 square meters. Considering the annual averages, as of the end of July 2020, the districts that gained the most value in Kırıkkale for housing were Bahşili and Yahşihan in descending order.

Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Kırıkkale ? In Kırıkkale, there are 5 state hospitals , 1 training and research hospital and 3 private hospitals. Almost all districts have hospitals in different regions of the city.

Road Transportation

It is very easy to reach Kırıkkale, you can find direct bus lines from many cities of Turkey. Especially, you can also find buses from Ankara (AŞTİ) every hour. The Kırıkkale Bus Station is located in the city center.

Air Transportation

The nearest airport to Kırıkkale is located in Ankara. You can find buses to reach to the city from Ankara Esenboğa Airport.

Railway Transportation

You can find train lines from Ankara and Istanbul to Kırıkkale.

Historical Houses, which are accepted among the registered assets in Kırıkkale, are structures that have survived since the 1500s. The use of adobe and wood materials in its construction is due to the climatic and social living conditions. Nur Mosque, which is the center of spiritual and cultural activities in Kırıkkale, has an indoor area of approximately 25 thousand square meters. There are many multi-purpose classrooms and halls within the mosque, which is located in the most central part of the city, such as conference hall, library, Turkish Islamic handicraft training center. The Sulu Cave, located in the Keskin district of Kırıkkale, was developed as a bed and is a semi-natural semi-artificial fossil cave. Karaahmetli Nature Park is an important natural beauty in Kırıkkale. The park, located right next to Kapulukaya Dam on Kızılırmak River, was declared as a nature park in 2009 and you can easily reach here from Karaahmetli Village. Most of it is covered with green areas and the remaining small part of the area in the park consists of agricultural land and afforestation areas.

You will find the answers of the “Best places to visit in Kırıkkale” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Kırıkkale” questions in this guide.

There are only one state university located in Kırıkkale named as Kırıkkale University.


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