Kayseri City Guide

Kayseri City Guide

Kayseri is the third largest city of the region after Ankara and Konya. Almost 1 and half million people live in Kayseri and it’s located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. Kayseri is one of the important center of industry and trade in the country. However, Kayseri has one of the most developed organized industrial zones in Turkey. In addition to this, Kayseri Free Trade Area has the largest free zone area in Turkey. Kayseri’s industrial production capacity and diversity has also improved foreign trade. The city has a very important advantage in terms of culture, nature and winter tourism. It is home to one of the most important facilities in the country for ski tourism. There are also many historical places to visit in Kayseri from many civilizations. Kayseri Pastrami and Kayseri Ravioli, which are the most indispensable flavors of local cuisine, are world famous.

Agriculture comes after industry, trade and transportation sectors in Kayseri’s economy. Most of the agricultural lands are reserved for cereal cultivation. Kayseri is a province that can be considered rich in terms of mineral assets such as gold, copper, lead, zinc and iron. The city has also great potential in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Kayseri is one of the cities with the most renewable energy investments in Turkey. If we look at the education perspective, Kayseri has one of the highest quality university of the country like Erciyes University. Kayseri Airport are located on 10 km from the city center and you can find many direct and connecting international flights to different cities and countries of the world. However, Kayseri is the most important attraction point for tourism, industry, energy and real estate investments. Check out the most comprehensive Kayseri city guide now. You will find the answers of many questions like “Places to see in Kayseri” or “How to get to Kayseri?” in this guide.

City Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Districts

Postal Code

Area Code

GDP (Per Capita)


Central Anatolia


82 / km2

1,28 %

17.170 km2




37.757 ₺

There are important districts in Kayseri like Melikgazi and Kocasinan in terms of being metropolitan districts. On the other hand, the third biggest district of Kayseri is Talas after Melikgazi and Kocasinan. These three districts have about more than 1 million population. Develi, Yahyalı and Bünyan are also have an important feature for Kayseri. These districts are among the most popular districts of Kayseri. Melikgazi and İncesu has important industrial zones of the city. Talas, Melikgazi, Develi, Kocasinan and İncesu are the most profitable districts for real estate investments in Kayseri.

The districts of Kayseri are Akkışla, Bünyan, Develi, Felahiye, Hacılar, İncesu, Kocasinan, Melikgazi, Özvatan, Pınarbaşı, Sarıoğlan, Sarız, Talas, Tomarza, Yahyalı and Yeşilhisar. You will find detailed information for all districts of Kayseri in this guide.

Short History of Kayseri

Kayseri has been a cradle to many civilizations since the earliest times in history and has maintained its importance in every period. The city has received names such as Mazaka, Kaisareia, Kaysariya and Kayseriye over time. Finally, the city was named Kayseri with the Republic period. Kayseri is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, where the ruins of different civilizations embrace each other. Kayseri has a history of 6000 years. Kültepe, which is a settlement area starting from the Chalcolithic (Bakirtas) ages during the Assyrian, Hittite, Phrygian periods and until the end of the Roman period; it is an open-air museum that houses the remains of these civilizations. Kültepe is the biggest city of Kayseri plain and one of the biggest mounds of Anatolia. Kayseri is located near this important center and carries deep traces of all these civilizations. The city gained Turkish domination with the Seljuk commander Afsin in 1067. Later, Kayseri joined the Seljuk State, Eratna Principality, Dulkadiroğulları, Kadı Burhanettin, Karamanoğulları and Ottoman Empire respectively. It has been an important Turkish cultural center in every period, especially the Seljuk period. After the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey, Kayseri has led to the first large industrial and commercial organizations in Turkey. The first aircraft factory in the country was established in this city.

Cultural Mosaic of Kayseri

Kayseri, which has been at the crossroads of important roads on the Anatolia throughout history, has been a center where different civilizations, languages and religions have mixed and influenced each other. It is known that the foundations of the trade culture in Kayseri were laid by the commercial activities of the Greek and Armenian populations living in the region. The city connected the communities in terms of culture and trade. Kayseri is one of the oldest settlements in human history. The city has its own unique culture and rich historical heritage.

Accommodation in Kayseri is an important issue for people who visit city for different purposes like tourism or business. In Kayseri, close to the city center, it is possible to find world-famous luxury hotels in all-inclusive concept and accommodation options that serve in bed and breakfast, half board and room concepts only. You can stay in Kayseri hotels with pools as well as city hotels suitable for the needs of visitors coming to Kayseri for business and conference purposes. If you want to get away from the city center to ski resort of Kayseri and visiting the ski center at Mount Erciyes you can choose the hotels in Hacılar district. You can find a lot of accommodation alternatives in Kayseri. There are world-famous hotel chains like Wyndham, Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu and Ramada.

Continental climate is seen in Kayseri. Summers are hot and dry, winters are cold and snowy. Annual average temperature is 10.5 ºC in the city. The best time to visit Kayseri is spring months but, those who want to ski can prefer the winter months. Find the best hotels in Kayseri in our guide easily.

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Kayseri or real estate for rent in Kayseri, you are on the right page. The prices of houses for sale in Kayseri have increased by 15.55% in the last year. The average residential area is 165 square meters. The depreciation period of the houses for sale is around 24 years. The fact that Kayseri is the second largest city and trade center of the Central Anatolia Region after Ankara. It is possible to see housing projects of various construction brands in most parts of the city. The districts that gained the most value in Kayseri province were Talas, Melikgazi, Develi, Kocasinan, İncesu respectively. On the other hand, The districts with the fastest return in Kayseri province were  Hacılar, Yeşilhisar, Pınarbaşı, Talas, Develi respectively. Since affordable and luxurious sites are built in these regions, it is preferred by those who want to invest. You can make the most correct investment by examining our ads for apartment options for sale from Kayseri real estate agent. You can also add your listings easily if you are selling or renting a house in different districts of Kayseri.

Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Kayseri? If you’re, our special health guide will be helpful for you. In Kayseri, there are 1 city hospital, 10 state hospitals, 1 university hospital, 1 training and research hospital and 10 private hospitals. Almost all districts have hospitals in different regions of the city. You can get high-quality health services in many health instutitions in Kayseri. Especially, Kayseri City Hospital is the one of the modern hospitals of the city with its high capacity.

If we look at the general perspective to Kayseri, the city is located the city is located in Central Anatolia Region. Thanks to its central location, there are many transportation alternatives for the city. You can reach Kayseri by air, railway and road transportation. Kayseri Airport is located 10 kilometers from the city center. You can come to the city center by using Havaş and public bus shuttle from the Kayseri Airport to different regions of the city. If you want to come to Kayseri by bus, there are bus services from many cities to Kayseri. You can also go to Kayseri by Erciyes Express, East Express, Van Lake Express and Southern Kurtalan Express.

Road Transportation

For the road transportation concept, Kayseri has the many alternative connections of Turkey with the location advantage. You can visit Kayseri by D-260, D-300, D-805 and some other important roads from Kırşehir, Nevşehir, Niğde, Sivas, Malatya, Kahramanmaraş and Adana. Kayseri Intercity Bus Station is the main bus station of Kayseri and it’s located in Kocasinan district. You can find direct lines from many cities of Turkey to Kayseri.

Air Transportation

Kayseri Airport is the main airport in Kayseri and this is located in Kocasinan district. It takes about 10 km from Kayseri to the city center, so you can use Havaş and public bus shuttle to reach city center from the airport. You can find connecting international flight via İstanbul Airport from Kayseri to many countries and cities of the world. Also, you can fly to many domestic cities of Turkey from Kayseri Airport.

Railway Transportation

For the concept of railway transportation, it is possible to reach Kayseri by Erciyes Express, East Express, Van Lake Express and Southern Kurtalan Express. It’s possible to visit Kayseri by Erciyes Express from any other cities such as Adana and Niğde. You can also reach Kayseri by East Express, Van Lake Express and Southern Kurtalan Express departing from Ankara, Kars, Bitlis and Siirt.

Inner-city Transportation

There are tramway, minibuses and public bus transportation alternatives in Kayseri. You can use all of the districts of the city by public transportation. There are currently two tramway lines operating in Kayseri as the name Kayseray. The tramway lines of the city :

T1 – Organize – İldem

T2 –  Cumhuriyet Meydanı – Talas

Kayseri Tramway Map

You will find the answers of the “Best places to visit in Kayseri” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Kayseri” questions in this guide. Choose your destination, click on the guide and start discovering Kayseri deeply now. Kayseri has a lot of places to visit. The number of historical buildings you can visit in this beautiful city is quite high. Kayseri CastleDeveli CastleMelikgazi Castle and Akkışla Castle are just a few of the historical textures that bear the traces of the past in Kayseri. In addition to these, Hasbek Kadı KümbetBeşparmak KümbetAlaca Kümbet, Sırçalı Kümbet, Döner Kümbet, Yaman Dede Mosque, Bürüngüz Mosque, Gülük Mosque, Karamustafapaşa Külliyesi, Köşk Madrasa, Avgunlu Madrasa, Sahabiye Madrasa, Hacı Kılıç Madrasa and Hunat Hatun Madrasa are historical places to visit in Kayseri. You can also discover the Kayseri Culture in Kayseri Atatürk House in Melikgazi, City and Mimarsinan Museum, Seljuk Civilization Museum / History of Gevher Nesibe Medical MuseumAhi Evran Museum in Kocasinan district Güpgüpoğlu Mansion Ethnography Museum and Kayseri Archeology Museum in Melikgazi. Erciyes Ski Center is very important for winter tourism. On the other hand, Sultan Reeds National Park is one of the few bird dormitories in the world. For more, check out our guide now!

There are 3 state and 1 foundation universites in different districts of Kayseri. Especially, Erciyes University is so popular for international academic staff and educational quality in the country. It is also one of the top 10 universities in terms of academic performance in Turkey. Find the best university in our guide below.


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