Zil Castle, Rize

The historical Zil Castle is visited by many local and foreign tourists almost every year. Stairs are used to climb the bell castle, which has a very valuable history.

Where is Zil Castle?

Zil Castle is a historical castle dominating a pass in Fırtına Valley on Avup Mountain, approximately 12 km south of Çamlıhemşin district. This castle is located at an altitude of about 100 meters from the stream bed and about 750 meters from the sea.

zil castle

What are the Zil Castle Features?

The historical bell castle in the Black Sea region consists of 8 bastions and watchtowers. This bell castle is a castle descending from the Zil Stream, which is in the form of a defensive ditch, and the exact construction date of its castle is unknown. However, it is frequently visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.

What is the History and Story of Zil Castle?

If we look at the history of the bell castle and the magnificent story of the bell castle, at first glance it seems that the bell castle, Varoş Castle and Pazar Castle were built by the same hand and for the same purpose. . Bryer claims that it was also built during the Trebizond Empire by a central government and local overlords (for example, Arhakel, who was Hemşin bey for Zil Castle). But first of all the first possibility is stronger, as the size and quality of this building, with all the local amenities of that period, seems unlikely, especially from a financial point of view.

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There are many arched structures and a large tower in an old castle called Zil Castle, which was located on the Rock in 1871. The lowest end of the castle extends to Fırtına Creek, there are other castles and old church ruins on the hills. . He described his own observations. After the conquest of the region by the Ottoman Empire, it was used for military purposes under the name Kale-i Zir and in 1979, two hand cannons, approximately 26 cm long and approximately 4 cm in diameter, were brought to this museum. Therefore, it has a very important place in history.

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