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Like the nature, music and people of the Black Sea, its food is also unique. The geographical structure and climatic conditions of the Black Sea determine the character of the food peculiar to this region. Corn, beans, kale, local herbs and, of course, anchovy are among the flavors that put their signature on the regional cuisine.


Hınkal, which resembles large ravioli in appearance, is prepared with cheese, potatoes or minced meat. Although it resembles ravioli, one cannot forget the hincha, which is consumed without yoghurt.

Hoşkıran Kavurması (Roasting)

The herb that grows in corn fields is roasted with rice or bulgur, depending on the region. This delicious and beneficial meal becomes an attractive alternative for those who care about their nutrition.

Karalahana Çorbası (Black cabbage soup)

Karalahana Çorbası (Black cabbage soup), which has recently become popular as one of the most beneficial foods, is one of the most consumed foods in the Black Sea. This soup, which is prepared with the addition of flavors such as kale, corn, and kidney beans, is a source of vitamins.


Kaygana, resembling an omelette with lots of butter,  can be prepared with anchovies, vegetables and greens. Children love this delicious food, which can be preferred both for breakfast and main meals.


Mıhlama is prepared by roasting Trabzon cheese, butter and fine corn flour. Cream is also added in Artvin. It is one of the most characteristic Black Sea dishes. It is served when it is hot.

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