YouTube Brings TikTok’s Popular Feature to Short Videos

YouTube Brings TikTok’s Popular Feature to Short Videos

YouTube Shorts gets TikTok’s ability to turn comments into videos. Here are all the details about the new feature!

As part of a new experiment, YouTube Shorts gives viewers the ability to turn comments into their own TikTok-style videos.

In another attempt to replicate some of TikTok’s features, YouTube now allows users to create content from comments they see on a video they’re watching. So, if you see a comment on a YouTube Shorts video that you think is funny or creative, you can now use it to create your own Shorts video.

It’s unclear how the new feature will work, but with this already popular feature on TikTok, you can create a short video from comments left on the video by tapping a TikTok video and then selecting the video icon to the left of the comment creation box.

Short videos can be created from YouTube Comments

With this new feature, viewers will be able to turn them into short and catchy videos inspired by other users’ comments. This can be a great way for viewers to share their thoughts and opinions on Shorts videos they come across on the platform.

Short Videos

But there is a problem for the creators. Comment authors cannot prevent their comments from appearing on a Shorts, and creators have no control over that unless comments are turned off for their videos. Also, YouTube will not notify the creator and commenter of the original video when clips and comments are used to create a Short Video using this method.

If you’re worried about comments on your videos being used on Shorts, all you can do is turn comments off for your channel.

YouTube says this new feature has been tested on Android and iOS by a handful of testers around the world.

So what do you think about this new feature of YouTube? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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