Xiaomi Won’t Produce Compact Smartphones

Xiaomi will turn to large-sized but easy-to-handle designs in its next smartphones. It doesn’t want to produce a compact phone because it doesn’t get enough attention.

Especially with the iPhone SE and iPhone mini models, the compact screen trend was on the rise again in the smartphone market. However, this rise has been limited and the number of compact smartphones has not exceeded the fingers of one hand. It will continue like this for a while.

Compact phone description from Xiaomi

In response to a question, Xiaomi boss Lei Jun stated that the interest in compact-sized smartphones is not high enough and that the sales do not bring enough income to invest. He also added that the small size poses a disadvantage in terms of battery life and camera capabilities.

In general, the 6-inch size has become the standard in the smartphone market and there are not many models that fall below this size. Manufacturers are turning to designs that extend longitudinally and have widths that are easy to hold. The iPhone 14, Xiaomi 13 are easy-to-handle phones in this respect. Still, the Galaxy S23 and Asus Zenfone 8 are relatively compact alternatives.

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