Xiaomi Received Patent For Electric Car

Aiming to sell 10 million electric cars annually, Xiaomi’s automobile division has applied for a new patent for its upcoming electric car model.

Xiaomi Automobile, founded last year by Xiaomi Corp, has recently filed a new patent application for its upcoming electric car. According to reports, the company has acquired the intellectual property rights of a technology called Power Battery for the batteries it will use in its electric car.

As you know, Xiaomi is not only found in the smartphone industry. The company, which has appeared in almost every field of consumer electronics, has been planning to enter the automobile industry for a long time. The first step under this plan was taken with the establishment of the Xiaomi Automobile division in 2021. As you may recall, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said in a statement he made a while ago that their target is to sell 10 million electric cars annually.

Xiaomi Patents Battery For its Electric Car

It is said that there are more than 500 research and development teams in the Xiaomi Automobile department, and the first model may arrive in 2024. By the way, Xiaomi’s liquid cooling channels draw attention in the Power Battery patent image. Probably, the company is trying hard to make the batteries that it will use in its cars last longer.

In light of all this, yes, Xiaomi will enter the automobile industry. However, it is unclear when the first model will arrive, and the dates given are based on speculation for now. On the other hand, the company’s new battery technology can also be a source of income. In addition, considering the rise of Chinese electric car manufacturers, Xiaomi can benefit from the market here.

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