Xiaomi Human Body Sensor Unveiled!

Xiaomi Human Body Sensor Unveiled!

The new product of Xiaomi smart home ecosystem: Xiaomi Human Body Sensor was introduced. Here is a product that can detect even breathing beyond motion detection!

The Xiaomi Human Body Sensor was announced in China through a crowdfunding campaign. Integrated into the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem, this new device is smaller than most of the human body sensors already on the market and can be easily hidden.

Xiaomi Human Body Sensor Features

Powered only by a CR2450 battery without the need for any cables, the device offers a battery life of up to 3 years. Equipped with millimeter wave radar, Xiaomi Human Body Sensor can detect not only the person, but also all movements of the person, from breathing to chest movement.

Xiaomi Human Body Sensor

In addition to dynamic and static detection, the device has a 130-degree detection angle, strong magnets and a solid adhesive base. In other words, it is not possible for someone who enters your home or workplace without your knowledge to escape from this device.

The device sends a direct notification to the user when it detects motion. The crowdfunding campaign for Xiaomi Human Body Sensor, which also hosts a lighting sensor that controls the lighting of the device, starts on May 15.

The crowdfunding price of the device is set at $17, while the original price is $21.

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