Xbox Offers PlayStation a 10 Year Deal for Call of Duty

The Call of Duty dispute between Microsoft and Sony cannot be resolved. Microsoft recently offered PlayStation a 10 year deal for Call of Duty, but Sony was reluctant.

Although Microsoft has signed a $69 billion acquisition deal with Activision Blizzard, it is still under scrutiny by regulatory agencies. In addition, this move of Microsoft also raises concerns on the Sony side. Because Sony does not want to lose Call of Duty, one of the biggest brands in the FPS industry.

Microsoft is battling regulators on both sides of the Atlantic to approve its mega-deal for the creators of Call of Duty, Warcraft, Candy Crush and various other big games. Microsoft, on the other hand, continues to underline that the main target of this agreement is mobile platforms.

The merger with Activision will give Microsoft the tools it needs to bring Xbox games and Xbox developers to an entirely new audience on phones and tablets. The growing mobile gaming segment has become a highly dominant and money-making class today. On the other hand, after this purchase, an increase in the charm of the Xbox Game Pass service is inevitable.

Microsoft Offers A 10 Year License

One of the biggest competitors of the deal is Sony, Microsoft’s chief console competitor in the console space. Also worried about buying on Google. To address these concerns, Microsoft stated that it had no plans to remove Call of Duty from PlayStation and offered Sony a 3-year contract. Sony, on the other hand, reported that this was not good enough.

According to a new report, Microsoft has offered a 10 year deal, not a 3 year deal this time. Sony, on the other hand, refuses to comment on the 1 year license agreement. On the other hand, Sony’s main concern is not that Call of Duty will leave PlayStation, it is not possible for such a thing to happen anyway. Because the COD series sells insanely on the PS platform. Sony’s concern is that Microsoft is bringing a Call of Duty to Xbox Game Pass, which costs $10 per month. Because the last game of Call of Duty is sold on PlayStation for over 70 dollars.

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