World’s Sexiest Grandma: “I’m Looking For A Young Prince”

Gina Stewart, nicknamed “The sexiest grandmother in the world” on social media, called out to her fans, saying that she was after true love. The 52-year-old phenomenon name attracted the attention of men of all ages and explained the criteria for the candidate he was looking for. Stating that she is extremely selective about the men she has relationships with, Stewart said, “I’m looking for a young prince.”

52-year-old social media phenomenon Gina Stewart opened her doors to new love by admitting that she kept love issues away from her agenda because she had established a life of her own with her daughter after breaking up with her husband at a young age. Stating that he has followers from a wide age range on social media, Stewart said, “Because I am single and have a daughter, I have always been selective about the people I bring into my life. Actually, I’m not looking for anyone in particular. If I am destined to find love, I believe it will happen and I will probably fall in love when I least expect it.” said.


Stating that young men usually like older women, Stewart said, “I have many followers in their 20s on social media. To be honest, many young men love older women. I probably get more requests from the younger generation than from my generation. “They love older women, even though no one wants to admit it,” he said.

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