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Work Permit of Foreign Doctor in Turkey

Our foreign doctor work permit article has been updated to the new International Labor Law No. 6735. It will continue to be updated according to the implementing regulation of Law No. 6735. 201


In order to employ a foreign doctor for private health institutions, it is necessary to obtain a preliminary permission document from the Ministry of Health.

In previous years, working as a doctor for foreign citizens was prohibited, but there is no legal barrier for working as a doctor in Turkey now. In addition to the documents required for companies, foreign doctor may apply for a work permit with a document showing that the pre-permission document from the Ministry of Health, the diploma of foreign doctor and the Turkish language exam have passed at least B passing grade.

The preliminary permission document is taken from the Provincial health directorate.

Documents required for Foreign Doctor Pre-authorization document;

If the foreign doctor graduated from Turkey

  1. Responsible manager’s petition (letter indicating that the pre-authorization document is requested).
  2. Petition of doctor who applies for work permit
  3. The service contract signed between the Doctor and the Organization (together with the contract) (working hours and the contract for which the fees are stipulated)
  4. Original and photocopy of the diploma of the foreigner (same as original) .2016
  5. Original and photocopy of passport
  6. 2 photos
  7. Photocopy of the residence permit card
  8. Foreign residence

  If the foreign doctor haven’t graduated from Turkey, the following documents must also be obtained.

  • Document showing that diploma and specialty certificates are accepted by the relevant authority
  • A document from the ministry of health or major embassy of the country of origin showing that there are no legal obstacles to doing business
  • A fixed-term job contract that specifies the amount of monthly pay made between the private health institution and the foreign health personnel
  • Document that the students are successful in the Turkish language exam (B) or above by the Turkish Language Instruction Application and Research Centers of the universities. (Can be presented within 1 year).

The preliminary authorization certificate is sent to the hospital for a period of at least 1 week, but this time can change.

Only a photocopy of the old work permit card is sufficient for transfer operations.

Although the Ministry of Health is authorized to employ foreign personnel in health and the above-mentioned Regulation is issued, the work permit is issued by the Ministry of Labor. However, according to the law, doctors who receive medical education equivalent to education in Turkey and who have approved it in the Ministry of Health can get a work permit. In this direction, foreign doctors and nurses who want to work before the work permit are required to obtain preliminary permission from the Ministry of Health. The preliminary permit is a document that demonstrates the adequacy of these health personnel and is a positive opinion of the Ministry of Health. Foreign health personnel working in Turkey should carry some conditions. According to the Regulation, work permit for foreign health personnel with the following conditions can be granted:

  1. The disciplinary and/or expertise certificates have been approved and registered in the Ministry,
  2. Having no legally obstruct from employing in this occupation,
  3. To be successful in the Turkish Language Examination conducted by the Turkish Language Instruction Application and Research Centers of the universities according to the criteria of the European Language Portfolio (B) or above,
  4. According to the legislation, to have a work and residence permit in Turkey,
  5. To have compulsory occupational liability insurance for doctors.

The amendment to the law allowing the employment of foreign doctors includes only nurses with doctors. Midwives, dentistry and pharmacy professions have foreign ban to work in Turkey. Apart from doctors, a significant number of work permits are nursing assistants, nurses and assistants. Midwives are among the forbidden professions, but these are often nurse assistants and nurses who act as midwives.

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1) Yabancı uyruklu hekimler Türkiye’de yalnızca özel hastaneler ve tıp merkezlerinde çalışabilmektedir.

2) For practicing in Turkey:

a) Those graduating from a medical faculty in a foreign country must first obtain a certificate showing that the diploma and/or expertise certificates have been accepted. It is necessary to apply to the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) for the certificate of the degree of medical degree and to the General Directorate of Health Services of the Ministry for the certificate of expertise.

b) In one year after application date, a document which proves the foreigner knows Turkish at least (B) or above level according to the European Language Portfolio criteria should be submitted. The language certificate can be obtained from Universities’ Teaching and Research Center for Turkish Teaching (TÖMER). Documents are not required from graduates of Turkish educational institutions.

c) The person who will work in Turkey for first time, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from the competent authorities of the country where they are going to perform their profession to show that they are not obstructing their profession. This document is not required from those who have graduated from Turkey’s educational institutions within one year prior to the date of application, those who have been living in Turkey for five years as of the date of application and those who have taken refuge in Turkey due to the state of emergency in their country.

3) Those who have obtained the above mentioned documents/conditions should apply to a private hospital or medical center to work. The service contract, in which the names and signatures of the parties are held, should be arranged on the every page where the monthly gross wage to be paid between the private health institution and the foreign doctor shall be paid.

4) The applicant’s application for foreign doctor is made by the private health institution that will employ the doctor, the service contract in addition to the petition and the above-mentioned documents along with the health directorate where the private health institution is located. In case of absence of deficiencies and non-conformities in the documents, an example of the diploma and / or expertise document of the doctor is sent by the directorate for registration of the General Directorate of Health Services of the Ministry, registration of the Department of Equivalence and for the questioning of equivalence transactions. Upon receipt of the response from the Registrar, the Registrar’s Office receives the approval of the Directorate and a certificate (pre-permission document) indicating that the foreign doctor can work in the private health institution is prepared.

5) The preliminary permit issued by the Governor’s Office is applied to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for permission to work together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Ministry of Labor to obtain a residence permit with a work permit to be issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

6) A copy of the work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security by the Provincial Health Directorate and certified copies of the residence permit issued by the security authorities shall be sent to the Directorate of Health Services General Directorate of Private Health Facilities. The information of the foreign healthcare professional is recorded in the Health Information Management System (SKYS) with the information system of the Ministry. Personnel working certificate of Foreign Health Professionals who are registered with SKYS is regulated by the relevant Provincial Health Directorate. The foreign physician may start working in the relevant private health institution from the date the staff work document was issued.

Gümüş underlined that they can make a collaboration with Gulf countries on medical tourism and said “Some of the new city hospitals we have built have special parts for international patient services. Our nurses, physicians and foreign language-speaking nurses are here to work. Doctors and nurses who can come from the Gulf countries will be able to work there. “

Documents required for foreign doctor work permit

1) Document showing that the accepted equivalent of diploma and/or expertise certificates of foreign doctor by the relevant authority.
2) Certificate of success as (B) or above level according to the criteria of the European Language Portfolio in the Turkish language examination conducted by the Universities’ Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Centers. This document;
a) Must be submitted within one year at the latest from the date of application. If the document has not been submitted at the end of this period, the personnel working certificate of the Directorate shall be canceled.
b) Those who are graduated of Turkish educational institutions are not required.
3) Document showing for who will be performing their profession for the first time in Turkey, taken from the competent authorities of the country where they come from and have no legal obstacles to doing their profession. This document;
a) Those who graduated from educational institutions in Turkey within one year prior to the application date,
b) Those who have been living in Turkey for five years as of the date of application,
c)Those who have taken refuge in Turkey due to the state of emergency in their country,
not required.
4) A service contract between the private health institution and the foreign health personnel, in which the amount of the monthly salary to be paid to the foreign health personnel is stated, and the names and signatures of the parties are listed on each page.


From the Ministry of Health:


ARTICLE 1 – Provisional Article 1 of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Working in Private Health Institutions in Turkey published in the Official Gazette dated 22/2/2012 and numbered 28212 has been amended as follows.

“Exemption status of Syrian national health professionals

PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1 – (1) The Ministry of Health coordinated with the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency and the Ministry of Health to provide temporary protection for those in Turkey, and the health of Syrian citizens who want to work in the centers of the Emergency and Emergency Management (A) and (b) of the first paragraph of Article 5, provided that the profession of the profession is entitled to practice “

ARTICLE 2 – This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

ARTICLE 3 – The provisions of this regulation shall be executed by the Minister of Health.

The date of Official Gazette published regulations
The Official Gazette of the Regulations making amendment


6735 Sayılı Uluslararası İş gücü Kanunu

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