Woman Sleeping in Twitter Building Caught Musk’s Attention

Woman Sleeping in Twitter Building Caught Musk’s Attention

The life of Esther Crawford, who was photographed sleeping in a sleeping bag and eye patch at Twitter headquarters a few months ago, has changed. Crawford, who was a mid-level executive before the photo, caught his eye on new boss Elon Musk, who supports hard work. Crawford took a senior position at the company.

It seems that spending long hours on Twitter pays off.

Esther Crawford, Twitter’s director of product management, is a prime example.

In November, Crawford shared a photo of her at Twitter headquarters, wrapped in a silver sleeping bag and wearing an eye mask, sleeping on the floor.

“Sometimes your team works day and night to set deadlines for #SleepWhereYouWork,” Crawford wrote on Twitter. tweeted

Crawford’s photo went viral, with many criticizing the company as an indication of the long working hours under Musk.

But it looks like Esther Crawford’s life has gotten better.

Sleeping in Twitter Building


Woman sleeping in Twitter building caught Musk’s attention – 1Esther Crawford’s photo that went viral on Twitter
Before Musk took over Twitter, Crawford, 39, was a mid-level employee, but his fortunes were partially changed thanks to a Twitter photo and a chance encounter with Musk at Twitter’s coffee shop The Perch.

After introducing himself to Musk, Crawford set up a one-on-one meeting with him to talk about payments and creators, the Financial Times reported. Elon Musk wanted to sell blue ticks on Twitter. Elon Musk must have liked Crawford’s ideas about payments, as the young woman took the position of head of payments on Twitter. Esther Crawford reportedly entered Elon Musk’s close circle on Twitter.

According to the Financial Times, there are not many female employees in this field.

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