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Will Foreigners Under the age of 18 Get an Entry Prohibition to Turkey?

Generally, in cases where the legal residence period of foreigners in the country is violated, the ban on entry to Turkey is implemented in accordance with Article 9 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. In addition, the General Directorate of Migration Management, threats to public order, etc. In special cases, it may impose an entry ban on foreigners. Especially in the last 2 years, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has affected the whole world, many foreigners are banned from entering Turkey due to various violations. In addition, questions about the entry ban for children under the age of 18 in Turkey have been frequently encountered recently. In this article, I will briefly talk about the application on this subject.

According to the general practice, there is an entry ban in Turkey for children under the age of 18, just like their parents over the age of 18. However, in order to eliminate some grievances, especially during the Pandemic period, the entry bans of foreign children who have paid the visa violation penalty are lifted, and they can apply for a residence permit again with the entry-exit process. However, as we mentioned, since this practice does not have a universal feature, you should consider the possibility of an entry ban depending on the special circumstances of children or parents and the option of not removing this ban even if an administrative fine has been paid. In addition, we would like to state that if your child under the age of 18 is banned from entering Turkey and you can document your grievance legally, an administrative lawsuit is always open against this decision.

If you have questions about the ban on entry to Turkey for those under the age of 18, you can send them to us in the comments section.

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