Why Turkish Series Are So Popular? The Most Popular Turkish TV Series

Movies and TV series have long been one of the most important elements of popular culture around the world. Movies and TV series made in the United States and Europe are followed with interest all over the world, watched by millions of people.  These movies and series contain important traces of the cultures and daily life of the countries in which they were made. Therefore a movie or television series also becomes an element of “exporting culture”. For years, US and European cultures have been exported all over the world thanks to movies and TV series.

However, recently, there is a shining star in the world’s TV series industry: Turkish TV series! Turkish TV series have been exported to a wide geography stretching from the Middle East to Europe, from Africa to Latin America. Moreover, the worldwide interest in Turkish TV series is increasing day by day. Many people from different geographies of the world have become strict fans of Turkish series!

What Is The Reason Behind Turkish Series’ Popularity? Why Are Turkish Series Are Watched On A Global Scale?

Multiple answers can be given to this question. 

Many viewers of Turkish TV series abroad state that they are influenced by values ​​in Turkish TV series. The culture described in Turkish TV series and family ties play an important role in why Turkish TV series are so popular abroad.  

Cultural affinity and social similarities are also very effective in the popularity of Turkish TV series in some countries. People who lives in countries that influenced by Turkish culture enjoy watching TV series of this culture that they are familiar with.  

Quality, also plays an important role in popularity of the series. The development of technology increases the quality of the productions made by the Turkish TV series industry. Lighter and more modern cameras, developing shooting and editing techniques, advances in the use of sound and music… Many different technological elements such as these allow the technical quality of Turkish series to increase.

All these factors and more have led to the rapid development and popularization of the Turkish TV series industry.  

Which Countries Watch Turkish TV Series?

Turkish TV series are loved and watched in countries that share the Turkish culture, customs and life perspective. For instance, the Balkans and the Middle East have a long history with the Turkish people. These people lived in the same geography for centuries and both influenced and were influenced by Turkish culture and traditions. Turkish TV series, which bear traces of their own culture and traditions, are followed with great interest by Middle Easterns and Balkaners.

While countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Palestine, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahreyn, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon form the majority of the Turkish TV series audience in the Middle East, countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania and Serbia in the Balkans are close followers of Turkish TV series. 

Turkish TV series are also watched fondly in Turkic countries such as; Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan due to the common history and customs they share with Turkish people.

But this is not necessarily related to geographic proximity or common history and customs. For example, South America is one of the regions where Turkish TV series are watched the most. Although they are located in distant regions from each other, their perspective on life and family values are almost the same. This causes Turkish TV series to be watched widely in South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile

Southern Asia is another region where Turkish TV series are popular. Countries such as India and Pakistan are very strict fans of Turkish dramas.

Turkish series also attract great audiences in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Most Watched and Popular Turkish TV Series

Muhteşem Yüzyıl (The Magnificent Century)

The Magnificent Century is about the great love of the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and Hürrem Sultan, who left a mark on the history of the Ottoman Empire. The series begins when Süleyman falls in love with Hürrem Sultan, who was brought to the palace harem as a concubine. She becomes the beloved of the Sultan. She inevitably begins to gain power. To her power game, that she started for revenge, Valide Sultan, Mahidevran Sultan, Pargalı İbrahim Pasha and Prince Mustafa, are the biggest obstacles. The Magnificent Century locked millions of people on the screen for 4 seasons.

The series which was broadcast in more than 70 countries, achieved great success and fame in the countries where it was broadcast, from the Balkan countries to the Middle Eastern countries, from European countries to Latin American countries. 


Ezel, who is imprisoned by the betrayal of the woman he loves and his closest friends, takes revenge on the people who stole everything from him with the plan he made with his companion in prison, Uncle Ramiz. The series became one of the most watched TV series in the Balkans and South America. 

Aşk-ı Memnu (Forbidden Love)

In the series, a member of one of the richest families of Istanbul, Adnan Bey’s life after the death of his beloved wife İnci is told. Some 10 years later, he falls in love with Bihter. Adnan, who is left alone with his children Nihal and Bülent, decides to make a second marriage with Bihter. They get married very soon. Their marriage, which was utopic at first, is shaken when Bihter and Adnan’s nephew Behlül begin to get closer and closer.

Due to the series’ vivid portrayals of themes such as love, betrayal, infidelity, and the love for luxury, it aroused great repercussions both in Turkey and in other countries where it was broadcast, especially in Arab and Western European countries.


The story of a love that defies tradition… Sıla, who grew up as an adopted child in a well-established family in Istanbul, lives a happy life without any problems. One day, she suddenly meets her real family, whom she thought to be dead. Her life turns upside down. Her real father and older brother come to the house where Sıla grew up. They tell Sıla that her mother is about to die and that her last wish is to see her daughter. 
Curious about her biological mother, she goes to the city where she was born to see her. While she thinks that her hometown, which she sees in his dreams, gives him beauties, she is not aware of what is actually happening. When she prepares for her brother’s wedding, she is unaware that she is preparing for her own wedding. She is being forcibly married. Sıla is now a prisoner in this world where there are no laws and customs are accepted as laws. While Sıla is happy to meet her real family, she experiences the pain of being sacrificed by her own family. How will Sıla get rid of this cruel trap?

The series achieved great success in the Middle East, the Balkans and in South America. It pushed the top especially in Chile and Peru. The leading character, Cansu Dere became as famous as a Hollywood star where the series was broadcast. 

Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki (Time Goes By)

While navy captain Ali lives a happy life with his wife Cemile and their 4 children, the love between Ali and Dutch Caroline breaks out. Because of this, great problems occur in the family. Cemile and Ali’s violent conflicts throughout the series lay the groundwork of deep damage to the children, especially Osman, the youngest member of the family.

The series is watched with great interest in dozens of countries from Greece to Egypt, from Saudi Arabia to Serbia. 

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? (What is Fatmagül’s Fault?)

Fatmagül lives an ordinary and quiet life with her older brother and aunt in a seaside resort. On the other hand, she is making preparations for marriage with her fiancé, Mustafa. 
The party invitation given by one of the prominent families of the seaside resort, becomes a turning point that turns her life into a dungeon. Another resident of the town and who comes from this wealthy family, Kerim is childhood friends with Selim, Erdogan and Vural. The quartet, who drank too much alcohol on the night of the party, rapes Fatmagül when she was alone in a deserted area. Fatmagül’s life is dragged into an irreversible dead end… 

The series broke rating scale in the Middle East and South American countries, which are familiar with the themes that are covered in the series.


The series is about the experiences of Yaman, a young man who learned life in the slums, and Mira, the daughter of a wealthy family, who lives a very different life from him. Yaman’s life changes completely when he came face to face with being imprisoned because of his older brother. A rich lawyer, Selim, who sees a future in Yaman invites Yaman to live in his own house. Yaman gets along very well with Selim’s son Mert, and after a while he meets Mira, the daughter of his next-door neighbor. Mira’s best friend Eylul is Mert’s childhood love. Over time Mert and Eylul start a relationship and Yaman and Mira begin to fall in love with each other. However, these four young people must learn to face all the challenges that come their way.

Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, Pakistan, Romania, Chile and many other Arab countries are among the countries where the series was broadcast and achieved success. 

Binbir Gece (1001 Nights)

Şehrazat is a woman who lost her husband in a traffic accident. Soon after she learns that her son has leukemia. The story begins with Şehrazat having to find $200,000 for the treatment of her son. The treatment was determined, the donor who would give a marrow to Kaan was found in Azerbaijan, it was up to the money. Trying everything to keep her child alive, the young woman applies to one of the two young and handsome bosses of the company she works for. The offer from her boss will change the course of her life, it will be enough to devastate Şehrazat.

1001 Nights first became one of the most watched TV series in Europe, and then became the most watched TV series among all TV series in South America. Indonesia, Hungary, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Russia, and Poland are just a few of the countries where it was broadcast. 

Paramparça (Broken Pieces)

Gülseren is a woman who works for a short time in a curtain maker, patisserie and dowry shop and leads a modest life. One day, fate makes her encounter with Cihan. After this encounter, the life of Gülseren and Cihan change. They fall in love with each other. Years later, Gülseren has intense feelings for a man. It is hard for Gülseren and Cihan, who are both married, to stay away from each other, but it seems impossible for them to unite. As a result of an accident, Gülseren and Cihan’s children get mixed up in the hospital and fate brings them together at an unexpected time.

Among the countries where the series was broadcast are Romania, Greece, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. 

Gümüş (Silver)

Gümüş’s life changes when she receives a phone call that morning. A well-established family, choses Gümüş as a wife for their son Mehmet. Gümüş, unexpectedly, will marry Mehmet, whom she has dreamed of for years and has been in love with since childhood. But things don’t go as she imagined. Mehmet has long closed his doors to life and love after the death of his 6-year love, Nihan. Gümüş shows sympathy  to this attitude of her husband. Because this is not the only problem of the young girl. The harsh attitudes of her mother-in-law Şeref and the actions of Pınar, her sister-in-law, push the young girl into a great depression. 

The series, which put the leading characters among the most popular actors of the Middle East, was watched with interest both in Turkey and in the Near East. 

Kurtlar Vadisi (The Walley Of The Wolves)

Ali Candan is a specially trained man by the state. For a mission, the greatest of all his missions, he undergoes a plastic surgery, he takes the name of Polat Alemdar and infiltrates a mafia organization to gather information. 
The Valley of the Wolves, which gained a large audience by incorporating the mafia, deep state and intra-state interests, conflicts, plots, national and international plays into its scenario, brought a new dimension to the concept of the domestic mafia series… 

The series achieved high ratings in countries such as Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. 


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