YouTube to Force All Users to Buy Premium

YouTube is testing server-based ad injection that inserts ads directly into the video stream. Will this be the end of ad blockers? Here are the details!

To get rid of ads in YouTube videos, users prefer to use ad-blocking tools. However, YouTube has been fighting against ad blockers for a long time and may block them altogether in the coming days.

According to new developments, YouTube has made a new move in the fight against ad blockers. With its server-based ad injection method, it aims to make traditional ad blockers ineffective by inserting ads into the video stream on the server side.

Is Ad Blocking on YouTube No Longer Possible?

SponsorBlock, the extension used to skip sponsored ads in YouTube videos, said that YouTube is currently testing server-based ad injection. This means that ads will now merge directly into the video and cannot be blocked.

Server-based ad injection is a new way for platforms like YouTube to embed ads directly into the video stream. This makes ads indistinguishable and unblockable by traditional ad blockers.

YouTube’s move against ad blockers is seen as protecting advertising revenues on the platform by targeting third-party clients popular on mobile devices. It could even be seen as part of a strategy to encourage users to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

However, it is said that this step is still in the testing phase and has not been implemented as a broadcast. It is highly likely that this change will be added to the YouTube platform. Therefore, ad blocking tools will now have to develop new methods or users will have to subscribe to Premium.

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