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Plot of the Magnificent Century Series (SPOILER)


How does love begin in the Magnificent Century? In this content, we have included the curious things about the Turkish series The Magnificent Century, which is popular worldwide. Enjoy your reading!

How love begins in the Magnificent Century. The Magnificent Century series is a series inspired by the time of the Ottoman Empire.
In this series starring Halit Ergenç, whom we see as Sultan Suleiman, and Meryem Uzerli, whom we see as Hürrem Sultan, the magnificent love and palace management of Hürrem Sultan and Sultan Suleiman are dramatically described.

Sultan Suleiman, who ascended to the throne in 1520, lives in Topkapı Palace with his mother, sister and the mother of his child Mustafa. In addition, there are some male and female servants working in the palace.

magnificent century series

A Russian concubine named Alexandra was kidnapped and brought to the palace. Alexandra resists not to submit, but her resistance lasts until she sees Sultan Süleyman. As Sultan Suleiman passes by the concubines, Alexandra calls out to him and faints in his arms. This is how their love begins.
The efforts of Suleiman’s mother and Mahidevran Sultan begin.

Mahidevran Sultan, the mother of Sultan Suleiman and the mother of his son Mustafa, tortured Alexandra and never wanted her in the palace. But they fail because they are already in love with each other.

What Happens in the Palace Afterwards?

Sultan Süleyman named Alexandra Hürrem and after a while Hürrem became pregnant. During the Ottoman period, the wives of the sultans had to give birth to a son in order to get the title of Sultan. The day came and Hürrem gave birth to a boy named Selim. She had the title of Sultan, now she was untouchable!

Vizier Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha and his lust for power

Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha, the vizier of the period, married Sultan Süleyman’s sister Hatice Sultan. Sultan Süleyman’s most trusted person was Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha. Foreign policy control was completely in the hands of Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha. After a while, his ambition got the better of him. In his words “I am the one who governs this great state; whatever I do remains done, because all power is in my hands; I assign the duties, I pay the provinces their rights; what I give is given, what I reject is rejected”, he once again showed his ambition.

magnificent century series

Pargalı İbrahim had promised that he would always be by the side of Prince Mustafa, the son of Pasha Mahidevran Sultan and Sultan Süleyman, and that he would be responsible for his safety. Prince Mustafa was an intelligent person who had always received a high level of education. In the Ottoman period, every young prince was appointed as the most authorized person in an important region, so they learned both military service and management.

Mahidevran and Hürrem Sultan war started

Mahidevran feels that she is being second fiddle to Sultan Suleiman and feels that she must do something about it. Hürrem Sultan had taken Mahidevran’s place and her place in the Sultan’s court. Mahidevran gradually began to resent Hürrem Sultan. This hatred went up to violence. Hürrem Sultan used to take refuge with Sultan Süleyman by showing herself innocent. Mahidevran had fallen out of favor with Sultan Suleiman. As a result of this incident, Sultan Süleyman decided to exile Mahidevran Sultan and her son Mustafa Şehzade.

magnificent century series

After Mahidevran and Şehzade Mustafa were exiled, Hürrem Sultan strengthened her authority in the palace even more.

Hürrem Sultan’s Absolute Dominance

Hürrem Sultan fought a war because she wanted her own son to be sultan. There was one obstacle in her way: Şehzade Mustafa. Pargalı İbrahim’s favorite prince was Şehzade Mustafay. Therefore, rivalry started between Pargalı İbrahim and Hürrem Sultan. However, when Pargalı İbrahim Pasha was strangled one night in his palace apartment, the obstacle in front of Hürrem Sultan was removed.
She was now doing her best for her own son to ascend the throne, but she never showed this face to Sultan Süleyman.

Death Decision of Prince Mustafa

There were rumors about Prince Mustafa that he considered himself equal to Sultan Süleyman. These rumors spread more and more and reached Sultan Suleiman’s ears.
In fact, Şehzade Mustafa loved and respected his father Sultan Suleiman very much and never thought anything bad about him. However, Sultan Süleyman, believing the rumors, ordered the death of his own son Şehzade Mustafa and he was strangled to death.

Mahidevran always blamed Sultan Hürrem for this death. After the death of Şehzade Mustafa, Hürrem Sultan went to where Mahidevran lived, met her for the last time and apologized.
Hürrem Sultan had an illness. The love of Süleyman and Hürrem started in Süleyman’s arms and Hürrem died in Süleyman’s arms.
Sultan Suleiman had an illness and one night he succumbed to his battle with his illness and lost his life.

Prince Selim became Sultan

Meanwhile, there was a war between Sultan Süleyman’s sons, Prince Selim and Prince Beyazıd. Beyazıd was defeated in this war; Beyazıd and his sons were massacred. Prince Selim was no longer a prince but a sultan, and Sultan Selim won this war.

You can watch the series trailer here

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