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Who is Mahsa Amini? Why Did Mahsa Amini Die?

Demonstrations continue in Iran on behalf of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was detained for not following the dress code and died after the violence she witnessed after being detained. After all these events, “Who is Mahsa Amani and why did she die? What is Mahsa Amani incident, what is going on in Iran?” While the searches are accelerating, we have compiled the latest situation developments in Iran for you…

Mahsa Amini

While the calls for Mahsa Amani, whose name we hear frequently during the protests in Iran, are getting more frequent, the demonstrations in Iran continue. After all these developments, internet users are trying to reach information about Mahsa Amani’s life. So who is Mahsa Amani and why did she die? What is the Mahsa Amani incident, what is going on in Iran? Details are here…

Mahsa Amini


The death of Mahsa Amini on September 16, who was hospitalized in a coma after being detained by the Irshad patrols known as the ‘morality police’ in Tehran on September 13, caused great indignation in the country. Protests continue in Iran after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died after being detained on the grounds that she “did not fit the dress”. Iran’s Communications Minister said there could be problems with internet access in the country for “security reasons”. In recent days, at least 3 people have lost their lives in protests in different parts of the country. The protests chanted “death to the moral police” and “women, life, freedom”. As tensions rose in the streets, women took off their headscarves and burned flags. The police responded with tear gas to the demonstrators.

Mahsa Amini


Since the summer in Iran, women have been taking action to oppose the headscarf ban. According to sharia laws enacted in the country after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, all women were required to wear a headscarf and long, loose clothing in public, while women who did not wear a headscarf were fined and jailed. However, years after the revolution, it is stated that government officials had difficulties in enforcing this law and women’s clothing was not controlled equally across the country. Women started protests to oppose oppression, and many men supported women.

While all this was going on in the country, on September 13, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was arrested at a Tehran metro station, accused of violating moral laws that require women to completely cover their hair and arms. After being detained, Amini fell into a coma and was hospitalized and died on September 16.

Mahsa Amini


Eyewitnesses said they saw Amini beaten in a police van while being detained. Police claim that 22-year-old Amini died of a heart attack. Her family claims that Amini’s body turned bruises as a result of the torture. Police also released footage of the incident showing Amini holding her face and falling to the ground. Amini’s father said the footage was edited and his daughter had no previous health issues. An Iranian health official also supported the family’s statements, saying that Amini probably died from a blow to the head.


While anger at the political and social restrictions in the country, especially among the youth, increased, Amini’s death deeply affected Iranians. People were outraged when the authorities denied police involvement and demanded that the officers in custody be prosecuted. There were calls for the abolition of the morality police and an end to the Sharia regime in Iran. Many of the protests have been a sign of rebellion against the country’s strict conservative laws. Women took off their headscarves, started a haircut action on social media; Some men also supported it. On the other hand, it is estimated that more than a thousand people lost their lives in clashes between security forces and protesters in Iran in 2020-2021.

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  1. Bring back the Shaw!
    I am an atheist who believes in science and facts. If god does exist he now wants the men to cover their entire body and the women can wear g-strings or whatever the fuck they want. But this will never happen because religion and politics are the same. They are a way for a few bullies to control a population. America Iran and the rest of them use religion and politics to gain power over the superstitious.

    Imagine for a moment that there is no god. Then their tactics for power are obvious.

    Of course I am open to the fact that I could be wrong about the existence of god. Are you?

    Liam Daly

  2. İranlı olmayanlar ve İran’ı bilmeyenler neden yalan söylüyorsunuz, bu yazının içeriğinin çoğu yalan, İran’da olanları biliyoruz, batı medyasına aldanmayın, Mahsa Amini beyin ameliyatı oldu. ameliyat oldu ve dayaktan ölmedi ve 8 yılında gerçekleşen ameliyat nedeniyle felç geçirdi ve doğum gününde öldü.

    1. İranlı bile değilsin, neden yalan söylüyorsun? İran halkı diktatörlük altında yaşamaktan bıktı. her gün protesto ediyorlar ve öldürülüyorlar. polis 18 yaşından küçükleri tutukladı. neden yalan söyleyesin ki?? Arkadaşlarım sokaklarda öldürülüyor ve siz yanlış bilgi mi yayıyorsunuz? Mahsa Amini’nin başından dövüldüğünü gösteren tıbbi taramalar sızdırıldı. zavallı bir genç masum kız.

  3. You have some wrong words in article for example you should say why did she die instead of why did he die at the first summary . Please check the whole, thanks alot

    1. Hi Arezoo, thank you for the constructive criticism. I will try to make fewer mistakes. Thanks for reading.

      1. I need more information about the incident. As the issue erupted after the death of Amani, what were reasons behind this issue? It might be possible, there have been other social, political, economic and especially cultural and religious issues that become reasons except Morality Laws?
        Need more information about the background of Masha Amani.
        What the youth of Iran want? Do they really deny Islamic System? If yes then why?
        What the alternative government system Iranian Youth want?
        Women and especially young girls want this government to be continued?
        Why do women deny to wear headscarf?

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