Iran Protests on Twitter!

The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Emini, who was detained in Iran for not obeying the headscarf rules and died 3 days later, led to protests and events in many cities. Iranian opposition media announced that 5 people were killed and 10 injured during the protests.

Many famous names around the world supported the protest in Iran. Apart from this, social media users in many countries, including Turkey, supported the protests in Iran from their social media accounts.

Some social media users who criticize the Iranian regime did not forget to convey their thanks to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the great leader of the Republic of Turkey. Here are the most notable ones;

Long live the brave women of Iran, wishing them to live freely one day #iranprotests

Woman, freedom, life. #iranprotests

Fear of ignorance is female because if she learns, she will teach her children too.

Iran Protests

I feel grateful when I see the protests in Iran. We are very lucky to have a leader like you, thank you a thousand times, Atam. #iranprotests

Iran Protests

You can’t force women into your own paradise ✌️ #iranprotests

Iran Protests

Lower sharia, long live freedom! #iranprotests

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