Hadis Najafi, who became the symbol of protests in Iran, was killed

While the protests that started after the murder of Mahsa Emini by the morality police in Iran dragged the country into chaos, another young girl named Hadis Nacafi was brutally murdered. Hadis Najafi, a Southern Azerbaijani, who became the symbol of the protests with his video clipping his hair, was killed by 6 bullets of the police. With this death, protests in the country are expected to flare up even more.

Protests continue for 22-year-old Mahsa Amani, who was detained by the morality police in Iran for “not obeying the headscarf rules” and later died. The violence of Iranian police against protesters is also increasing day by day.

Hadis Najafi
Hadis Najafi

Violence Increased

While the protests of the demonstrators spread across the country were tried to be suppressed by the regime forces, 20-year-old Hadis Najafi was shot.

Tied Her Hair Video Goes Viral

South Azerbaijani Hadith Najafi, who became the symbol of the protests with the video in which he cut his hair, was shot dead by the regime police. Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad announced the death of Najafi on his social media account.

Hadis Najafi
Mahsa Amini

41 People Lose Their Lives in Protests

According to the news on Iranian state television, it was announced that 41 people, including police and Besic militia members of the Revolutionary Guards, lost their lives in protests across the country. In the continuation of the news, it was emphasized that an official statement will be made by the Iranian authorities regarding the death toll across the country.

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The death of Mahsa Amani, who was taken to hospital in a coma after being detained on September 13 in Tehran by the Irshad patrols, known as the ‘morality police’, on the grounds that she did not comply with the dress code, caused an uproar in the country. It was stated that the Irshad patrol took Amani to the police station to take him for a one-hour “briefing”, and the young woman suddenly lost consciousness and was hospitalized due to a heart condition. In the footage released in the Iranian state, Amani suddenly fell ill and fell to the ground after she was taken to the police station and talked to an officer.

Social media users rejected the police statement that the young woman “suddenly” lost consciousness, claiming that Amani was beaten before she was brought to the police station. Following Amani’s funeral, protests began in a deserted area in Tehran and cities in the west of the country, in his hometown of Sakkız, on September 17. The demonstrations then spread across the country. In the images published on social media and in the country’s media, it is seen that some demonstrators destroyed ambulances, buses and public buildings, and violent clashes broke out between the security forces and the demonstrators.

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