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Where is the Visa Violation Penalty Paid in Turkey?

As you know, foreigners who have completed their legal staying process in Turkey, in other words, who have exceeded their valid residence permit or visa period, are accepted as they made visa violation if they continue to stay in Turkey after these periods. As a result of this situation, an administrative fine is applied to the foreigner, taking into account the period of violation and the country of the foreigner, and this penalty is called a visa violation penalty. Visa violation penalties are calculated at visa violation offices, and payments are made to these offices. In order for foreigners not to receive a deportation penalty, they must pay the visa violation penalties when exiting. In this article, we will talk about the details of where the visa violation penalty will be paid, and we will continue to inform you.

What are Visa Violation Offices? Where are they Located?

Visa violation offices are official organizations that calculate and collect the administrative fines of foreign nationals who are found to have violated visas. Visa violation offices are usually located at airports with international terminals. Visa violation penalties are calculated based on the amount of time the violation occurred after the expiry date of your visa or residence permit and the country of citizenship. If you have violated a visa and become a fugitive, you must pay the administrative fine imposed on you when leaving the country to the visa violation office. Otherwise, it is inevitable that you will face a deportation decision and you will be banned from entering Turkey at various times. In addition, in cases of visa violations, we strongly recommend that you seek legal and professional support to avoid a long-term entry ban.

What should Foreigners do if they Deported?

Foreigners, whose deportation is subject to an entry ban to Turkey, may object to this decision legally. In addition, it is possible to legally re-enter Turkey through a annotated visa invitation. Foreigners who enter Turkey with conditional entry must fulfill this condition within 10 days. Persons who will apply for conditional entry must show a valid reason that can be legally documented and prove this situation. Otherwise, the probability of rejection of conditional entry applications increases.

If you have questions about the visa violation penalties, you can contact us in the comments part.

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  1. Hi

    My work permit expired on July 1st. I applied for a residence permit before the expiry date. I finally received a decision which is a rejection of my residence permit application. Upon this, it seems as though I will be considered to have overstayed for almost 3 months.

    My questions is: If I go to the visa violation office at the airport to ask for information about the penalty and the ban will they ask me to leave immediately/on the spot?
    How long will my ban be for overstaying around 86 days?

  2. Hello,

    My wife overstayed for about 5 months when her visa permit had rejected for renewal. But now she wants to leave and go to her county Somalia. And can she pay at Ankara airport for Visa Violation Office.

  3. Hello,

    My wife overstayed for about 5 months when her visa permit had rejected for renewal. But now she wants to leave and go to her county Somalia. And can she pay at Ankara airport for Visa Violation Office.

  4. My family over stayed in turkey and the have been band from entering Turkey for 5 years , can they go to Turkey and pay the fine in tge airport? Or the only way to do it is to contact a lawyer in Turkey, or apply for visa?

  5. Hello dear sir
    I and my wife are currently in Turkey we are accepted as refugee by government of Canada, but we overstayed 9 months, how much is our fine and how can we leave turkey to go to Canada.

    We are from Afghanistan…

  6. Dear sir

    My wife over stayed about 10 month when her visa permit had rejected for renewal. But now want leave to her county somalia. How munch penaly she have to pay.and where she can pay. And what happen if she cant pay the fee.she dont want come back to turkey ever agian. What is her options.

    1. Hello,

      To find out the amount of penalty fee for overstaying, Kindly ask you to contact visa violation office of airport. If she refuse to pay the penalty, officer may apply 5 years of re-entry ban on foreigner.

      Thank you,

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      1. Dear Sir/Ma’am,
        I over stayed here in turkey for almost 5 years,I’m planning to go back to my country next month,I’m willing to pay my penalty.honestly I have son with my turkish bf (we are not married)and I will leave my son to his father it possible for me to be back and what type of visa should I apply so I can comeback for the sake of my son ?your advice was highly appreciated thank you 😊 🙏

      2. Goodevening ma’am sir…can anyone assist me here .I’m at Istanbul right now. I was overstaying for almost 8months here in turkey.when I apply my residency permit I goy rejected .last February..and I hurry re applying in court.and the court office give me a papers.for my under going residency appealing..and it’s been 8months since I applied till now I dint get any question is is.this court temporary later.can I used for travelling outside Istanbul..?for work.?hope any one can answer me.and I want to know where I can pay my penalties due to this overstaying while im waiting for court.dicision.of my papers application. Thank you hope you can give me some advice

        1. As you dont have any valid ID number that is why you cannot get any work permit in Turkey, as your case is going on you can only stay in Turkey legally untill your rejection will be resulted. However if you leave the country , you have to pay the penalty for oversatying from the date of expiry of your residence permit card

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