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Where Does The Story of Sahmaran (Sahmeran) Come From? Here is the legend of Shahmaran

Where Does The Story of Sahmaran (Sahmeran) Come From? Here is the legend of Shahmaran

The legend of Şahmeran, which appears in Anatolian mythologies, became a subject of curiosity due to the news. There are many places in Anatolia where it is said that Şahmeran may have lived. So, where does Şahmeran’s story come from? Here is the legend of Sahmeran…

Shahmaran, Persian shah and mârân; It is formed by combining the words snake. Although “Shah” is a title used for men, this entity is feminine in all the anecdotal records of Şahmeran and in all descriptions of Şahmeran legends.


Thousands of years ago, there were snakes living underground in Tarsus. These snakes, called Meran, were intelligent, compassionate and lived in peace. The name of the queen of Meran was Şahmeran. Şahmeran was a young and beautiful woman. According to the legend, Cemşab was the first to see Şahmeran. Cemşab was the son of a poor family who sold wood for their living. One day, Cemşab and his friends discovered a cave full of honey. His friends, who had taken Cemşab down to extract honey, left him there to get more honey and fled. Jamshab saw a hole in the cave and realized that light was leaking from it. When he enlarged the hole with a knife in his pocket, he saw a garden more beautiful than he had ever seen in his life. In this garden he saw unique flowers, a pool and many snakes.


Years later, he begged to leave, saying that he misses his family so much. Thereupon, Şahmeran asked him to promise that he would release him, but that he would not tell anyone where he was. Cemşab, who promised Şahmeran and reunited with his family, kept his promise for many years and did not tell anyone where Şahmeran was. One day the king of the country fell ill. The vizier of the country said that the cure for the disease was to eat the meat of Şahmeran and news spread everywhere. Cemşab had to explain the location of the well. When Cemşab had to show the location of the well, Şahmeran was found and taken out. To Şahmeran Cemşab; He said, “Boil me in an earthen pot, make the vizier drink my water and feed my meat to the sultan.” Thus, the vizier died and the sultan recovered and made Cemşab his vizier.


According to the legend, the snakes have been unaware that Şahmeran was killed since that day. It is rumored that the snakes, who learned that Şahmeran was killed, will one day invade Tarsus.

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