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Why do cohabiting women menstruate on the same days?

We will talk about whether this situation that most women complain about is a coincidence or whether there is a scientific answer to this. In fact, we can say that it is a condition that men around them complain more than women. Mood swings, various pains and tension due to changes in hormones is an issue that affects men as well as women. That’s why scientists have been researching this issue.

Alvergne began to analyze the evidence on this phenomenon. He was inspired by research findings published in the science journal Nature in 1971. According to research conducted in England in 1971, it was possible for women who spent a long time in the same environment to menstruate together.

According to the results of the research, a hormone called pheromone enables women to interact with each other. This allows them to menstruate at the same time.

The biggest factor supporting this is the research conducted among women living in the same house and their confirmation of this theory. “McClintock found that among friends and roommates, the onset of menstruation was closer than among women who randomly gathered together,” says Alvergne.

So what could be the reason for this?

The most common theory is the evolutionary strategy of cooperation among women to avoid becoming the harem of a single dominant man. If women have simultaneous menstrual cycles, they will all be fertile at the same time and the man will not be able to mate with all of them at once.

“It was believed that men could not manipulate all women at the same time, so a kind of cooperation between women was born,” says Alvergne.

More precisely, women cooperate anatomically within themselves so that men cannot manipulate all women at the same time.

Observations on monkeys yielded the same results

Monkeys, which form the basis of evolutionary theory, have always been the first address for subject selection and observations. It would have been interesting to conduct research on the menstrual cycle without observations on monkeys. Scientists have clarified this issue and observed menstrual cycles in monkeys. Observations on monkeys showed the same results as studies on humans.

Studies with contrasting results published

There are many studies that have come up with different conclusions.

The proponents of this research say that the coincidence of these cycles is purely coincidental, as it depends on the lengthening and shortening of the menstrual cycle.

Alpha and Beta wombs

Some women argue that there cannot be so many coincidences. Arguing that as women who experience the menstrual cycle, they are the best observers of this phenomenon, they make an interesting claim.

They claimed that some of the uteruses have leadership qualities and that the alpha uterus organizes and manipulates other uteruses to adapt to its menstrual process. In other words, the woman with the alpha uterus does not change her menstrual cycle, it remains constant and the women who spend a lot of time with her or live with her adapt to her cycle. You can think of it like a wolf pack. Whatever the Alpha does, the members of the pack follow.

Although I am not convinced about the alpha womb, I can swear that womb psychology is real. We women are very strong together… -Ece

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