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How long is a year on Venus

The time it takes for Venus to complete one rotation, or Venus day, is approximately 224 Earth days.

Venus is one of our closest neighbor planets in the Solar system. Due to its proximity to the Sun, Venus has an atmosphere with very high temperatures on its surface.

While these extreme conditions make Venus unsuitable for life, they also affect the rotation period of the planet.

How long is a year on Venus

One year refers to the time it takes for a planet to make a complete revolution around the Sun. While on Earth this period is considered to be 365 days, a year on Venus is equivalent to about 225 Earth days.

That is, it takes approximately 225 days on Earth to complete a year on Venüs .

The time it takes for Venüs to complete one rotation, or Venüs day, is approximately 243 Earth days. In this respect, Venüs is the planet with the longest day duration in the solar system.

This refers to the time it takes for Venüs to make one full revolution around its axis. That is, Venüs rotates on its axis much slower than Earth.

Due to this long rotation period, the Venusian day means that the duration of night and day on Venüs is quite different compared to Earth.

Since the atmosphere of Venüs is dense, sunlight hardly reaches the surface of the planet, and therefore the concepts of day and night on Venüs are somewhat different.

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