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Things to Keep Away from Your Modem for Better Internet

In order to have strong internet connection signals, there are some things that should not be near the modem. Here are the things you should keep away from your modem!
In order to receive internet signals in a healthy way, it is necessary to pay close attention to the items placed next to the modem. Because the signals emitted by the modem are affected by the items around it. As a result, the strength of the signals decreases.

For a strong internet connection, the modem should be placed as high as possible. The fact that it is located below causes constant items to be placed next to it. Especially metal objects placed next to the modem significantly reduce its performance. In our article, we will give information about what you need to keep away from your modem.

7 Items That Should Not Be Next to the Modem for Strong Internet Connection

  • Electronic devices
  • Wireless phones
  • Microwave oven
  • Water containers
  • Big items
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Metal mirrors and utensils

Electronic Devices

A modemm is also an electronic device. However, all electronic devices that are not connected to the modem cause the internet connection to weaken. For this reason, all devices that are not connected to the modem should be removed.


Wireless Phones

Wireless phones are among the things you should keep away from your modem. Wireless landline phones work with Wi-Fi routers on a similar frequency. In such a case, the internet starts to slow down when the wireless phone and modem are placed side by side.

Microwave Oven

The radiation from the microwave oven causes the Wi-Fi signal to be distorted. The frequency range of a microwave oven and Wi-Fi is 2.4 GHz. Since the frequency range is the same, if there is a microwave oven next to the modem, it will cause the signal to slow down.


Water Containers

Large water containers absorb radio frequencies. Therefore, they also weaken the connection signal when placed next to the modem. Modems located outside will be affected when it rains, causing the signal to slow down.

Large Items

We can add large items to the list of things you should move away from your modem. The radio waves that provide the internet connection in homes are very short. Since radio waves are short, it is not correct to put large items in front of the modem that emits internet connection signals.


Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth speakers and headphones are among the reasons that weaken modem signals. Any bluetooth device placed too close to the modem reduces the efficiency of the internet connection.

Metal Mirrors and Items

Devices such as routers and modems should never stand next to the mirror. If the modem is standing next to the mirror, the signals reflected by the modem hit the mirror directly. Therefore, this causes the internet connection to not be fully efficient.

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