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Where do Foreigners Divided in Turkey Have to Report the Change of Marital Status?

As you know, it is legally possible for foreigners who married in a foreign country and whose marital status is married to divorce in Turkey. However, these divorce processes take place according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Foreigners who have decided to divorce in Turkey can file a divorce case by first applying to the related court in the city where they live. Along with the divorce case, it is obligatory for foreigners to provide some legal information about their new marital status as a result of the court’s divorce decision. Foreigners are obliged to notify the Civil Status Directorates of the city where they live within twenty working days of the changes in their marital status. In addition, it is a legal obligation to notify this change to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in the city where the foreigner is registered. Legally divorced foreigners in Turkey can remarry provided that they meet certain conditions. Women can marry three hundred days after the official divorce date.
If they want to get married in a shorter period of time, they must submit a medical certificate that they are not pregnant. There is no time limit for men.

If you have any questions about the notification of a change in marital status by foreigners in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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  1. Hi I would like to ask something
    What if someone forgot /by mistake didn’t update her meterial status
    And after 1 year she wants to change her meterial status what should she do n will the goc iddresi will accept the change..??

    1. To make an updates at marital status of foreigner, you should inform the İmmigration office within 20 working days. In case if you are married, you would need to provide with marriage certificate, if divorced then to provide with divorce certificate.

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