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What You Should Know About Extending a Residence Permit in Turkey

Extending Residence Permit in Turkey



ISSUE: 59277437-000-E 33144

Within the scope of the Circular, it has been determined that the citizens of the countries subject to the restriction of residence permit for tourism purposes have not been able to leave their countries due to the non-extension of their residence permits and due to the Covid 19 pandemic, they have become illegal in our country and have suffered various grievances at the point of accessing basic services such as education and health. residence permit restriction application has been suspended until a second instruction.

Residence permit extension cost

Residence permit extension card fee : 565,00 TL

Residence permit extension fee: (It depends on country that you are from)

Health Insurance Fees: (varies according to the age of the foreigner) Obligatory for foreigners under 65

Notary and Translation Fee: 1.800 TL (Average)

Apostille certification fees: 72.61 TL / per page (May not be required)

During the extension, you need to take out private health insurance again, there are private health insurance prices on our page. You can obtain insurance policies from our Taksim and Red Crescent offices, as well as we can send them to all over Turkey by cargo on the same day.

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Residence Permit Extension Application Process

You can apply for an extension regarding your residence permit type.

The expiry date of your residence permit can be selected as the start date of the extension process.

The extension process may vary depending on the passport process and the type of residence permit selected.

Photo must be biometrically taken within the last 6 months using a white background. (so that the stranger’s face can be easily recognized from the front). During the application process, the photo must be uploaded to the system.

Extension applications must be made within 60 days of the expiry date of the residence permit and in any case before the expiry date.

To apply for an extension, please ensure that the content of the documents relevant to your case is complete.

After the application is made, the residence permit application form will be produced by the system along with the required documents.

The “residence permit application document” of the foreigner whose application is completed will be produced by the system. With this form, the foreigner has the right to legally reside in Turkey until the appointment date. However, this document does not guarantee the foreigner’s right to enter and leave the country.

(!) If the foreigner wishes to enter or leave the country, he or she must personally apply to the Provincial Immigration Administration.

Documents Required for Extension of Residence Permit

The required documents may vary depending on the residence permit or the reason you want to stay. The administration can always request additional information or documents related to your residence permit request. You must have a passport or a document that replaces a passport for 60 days longer than the residence permit period you requested.

  • The photo must be biometrically taken within the last 6 months using a white background. (so that the stranger’s face can be easily recognized from the front)
  • Full coverage private health insurance
0-18166 TL 36-40 238 TL
18-25169 TL 41-50 311 TL
 26-30215 TL 51-60445 TL
 31-35 231 TL 61-65 770 TL
  • In cases where the passport is not written using Latin letters, a translation approved by sworn translators or official authorities must also be attached to the application.
  • If the name and surname are not written separately in the passport, a document from the foreigner’s own representative office that clearly shows the identity information will be requested.
  • In case of a change in your name or surname, you must personally apply to the local authorities to update your information. In addition, a birth certificate can be requested from foreigners.
  • During the requested residence permit period, if your food, accommodation or health expenses are covered by the public administrations, you must notify the administration of the relevant document.

In cases of being under the age of 18, the consent of the person’s parents or legal representatives living far away and a letter of undertaking by real and legal persons must be given and sent to the administration.

You can use the following document about the documents required for residence permit applications: Required Documents for Extending Residence Permit

Payment of Fees

The fees to be paid are calculated automatically by the system, taking into account criteria such as bilateral agreements, residence permit expiry date, requested extension period, citizenship information and marriage status with Turkish citizens.

Pay your residence permit fee and residence permit file costs separately and request a double invoice. You can make the payments of work permit fees and work permit expenses to local finance units, provincial financial administrations, or banks that have an agreement with the Ministry of Economy.

Delivery of Documents by Post

After paying the fees for the residence permit and residence permit card, you must send the receipts and all the necessary documents in a large A4 paper envelope to the Provincial Immigration Administration in the province you applied for, via PTT or by cargo.

The applicant is responsible for the discrepancies between the information specified in the documents and the documents posted, as well as the deficiencies in the examination phase of the documents. (Except for shipping and postal services)

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Evaluation process

The application is fully reviewed when all documents and necessary information are submitted to the Provincial Migration Authorities by mail. From this date, the evaluation period of the administration is 90 days.

Applications not received by mail are not considered.

If your evaluation result is positive, your residence permit will be approved by the General Directorate of Migration Management and sent to your residence address.

Obligation to Respond to Official Calls

According to Article 97 of Law No. 6458, Directorate General of Migration Management or Provincial Migration Administrations may request you to be present for the following situations:

– In the necessary investigations about entering and staying in Turkey

– In cases where it is possible to take an expulsion decision from the country

– In cases where information about the implementation of the relevant law is required.

If you do not respond to official calls or if there are serious doubts about not being answered, you may be picked up by the security forces without being called.


For confirmation and information, you must provide a valid phone number and an email address you use. Notifications are made to the phone and e-mail address you provide.

Please check your e-mail box until you receive your residence permit documents (documents may go to Junk E-mail box). Please do not take into account the e-mails from any extension other than

For the addresses of Provincial Migration Administrations: Provincial Organisations

Previous Appointments

Appointments given by the Foreigners Department before 18 May 2015 must be renewed through the system.

The date and number of previous appointments must be registered in the system.

If possible, the previous appointment document should be sent on the day of application.

  • For applications that are not processed, visa or residence permit violations can be applied with general provisions.
  • You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide.
  • In case you make a false statement, legal action can be taken against you, your residence permit application may be rejected, if a residence permit has already been issued, it may be canceled according to article 206 of the Turkish Penal Code No.

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