What will be the iPhone 15’s alleged selling price in Turkey?

What will be the iPhone 15’s alleged selling price in Turkey?

The sale price of the iPhone 15 series was leaked on social media. The sale price of the series in Turkey shocked everyone. Here are the alleged prices!

The price list of the upcoming iPhone15 series was leaked on social media. Although it is just a claim, everyone was shocked. Because the prices in Turkey are quite high.

Although there is no official statement about the prices, the sharing of the sales price of the series to be introduced on September 12 made a big noise on social media.

Will iPhone 15 Pro Max be 72,200 TL?

Allegedly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s sales price in Turkey will start at 72,200 TL. Of course, this is just a rumor.

Since there is no official statement for now, it is not right to believe in this price. However, if the rumored price is true, it seems that the phone market will be very confused.

Apart from this, there are also some claims about the prices of other devices in the series. For example, the starting price of the iPhone 15’s 6.1-inch device may be 51,500 TL. The starting price of the iPhone15 Pro is estimated at 67,300 TL.

iPhone 15

On September 12, Apple’s Wonderlust event, which will start at 20:00 Turkey time, details of devices such as iPhone15, iPhone15 Plus, iPhone15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max will be announced.

Many price estimates have been made many times before about the devices with many leaks about battery life and colors.

However, this new price list has attracted the attention of all Apple users in Turkey. Even if users didn’t believe these prices until the event date, they couldn’t help but think that they might be real.

While the new series is expected to be released in natural titanium, darker titanium, darker blue and white color options, the depressing effect of the prices has already caused people to abstain from the iPhone15 series.

So what do you think about the alleged prices? You can share your comments with us in the comments section below.

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