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What Should Be Considered When Choosing Perfume?

What should we pay attention to when buying perfume? How is perfume used? Where is he bored? How is it stored? How many perfumes should we have? We have prepared a very detailed perfume guide for anyone who wants to buy perfume.

There Is No Concept of Perfect Perfume

If you have used a lot of perfume and have not become an expert in this field, do not buy a fragrance without trying it. You may not like scents that are praised by everyone. For example, while many people admire the scent of ‘Invictus’, it is one of my most hated scents. So when you buy a perfume, you should definitely try it.

Try it on your skin

Since everyone’s skin structure is different, scents will vary according to the skin. For example, ‘Fahrenheit’ smells like cucumber on my skin. The chemistry of the scent changes from skin to skin, and this affects permanence and noticeably. Someone may say to you “this perfume stays on my skin for 16 hours”, but the same perfume may not stay on your skin for 6 hours. A perfume may be noticeable on someone else’s skin from 5 meters away, but it may be noticeable on your skin when it comes very close. When the perfume is first squeezed, don’t take it for granted that it’s too bad, and the perfume stays on your skin all day long. Let’s see if you like the lower scents. When the perfume is first sprayed, the scents pass quickly and the middle-bottom notes are revealed. That’s what really matters.

If you are going to try it on your wrist, there is an important issue that you should pay attention to. Do not rub your wrists together when squeezing into your wrists! This will spoil the chemicals in the perfume and change its smell.

Try the Same Perfume in Different Stores

Before moving on to the buying part, I want to say one last thing about trying it. Try a perfume in 3 different stores! The smell of the perfume will change according to the storage conditions of the store. I have fallen in love with some scents that I hate. There are 2 places where you can buy perfume; stores and the internet.
Some perfumes are very cheap on the internet. I’d like to say ‘get it now’ but I can’t recommend it. For example, there is a website called ‘notino’ that serves abroad and they probably sell hundreds of perfumes every day. In Duty Free, they sell a perfume with a price of 65 euros for 25 euros, and it is also original. However, you should pay attention to whether it is the original product in online shopping. It’s a risk.

Don’t Focus on Seller’s Suggestions

If you are going to buy the perfume from the store, the sellers will suggest you other perfumes. Do not dwell on these suggestions and turn to them. Usually, they may be recommending the products of the companies they have a contract with. Worse, they may be trying to consume perfumes they cannot sell.
Wait for Special Days to Buy
If you are going to buy, wait for special days. New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and in recent years, Black Friday would be great dates. Usually Dior, Channel and Tom Ford products are not on sale, if there is a discount, don’t miss it!
If you are going abroad, pick it up from airports.

Party Code in Perfumes

The batch codes of perfumes are much more important than you think. You may regret it when you re-take the scent that you bought 1 year ago and admired. To check this, type and search the internet for reformulation.

Don’t Leave Your Perfume in the Bathroom

Perfume has certain enemies. Air, sunlight and indirectly heat and humidity cause deterioration in your perfume. Leaving it in the bathroom is inconvenient in this respect. You can store it in a closed cabinet in your room.

How to Use Perfume?

We have come to the most important point. Perfume is applied to the skin. I wouldn’t recommend spraying it on clothes. The scent needs to blend and evolve with the chemistry of your skin. Do not spray your hair or beard or anything! This spoils the chemistry of the scent. The most common mistake in Turkey is to squeeze the smell into the air and pass under it. If you do this, you will be wasting your money, because only a small part of the scent you spray will work on you. If you want good smelling carpets, the choice is yours.
You should never equate the smell of summer with the smell of winter. First, let’s examine the most general distinction, edp and edt. EDP ​​is more permanent and less noticeable. Edt’s permanence is low, but it is more noticeable.
Places where you can spray a light perfume;

  • both sides of the neck,
  • neck,
  • inner wrists
  • elbows

All of the places we mentioned above are hot regions and are ideal areas to spread the scent.
Places where you can spray a medium strength perfume;

  • nape,
  • neck
  • in-wrist

Since strong perfumes are generally used in winter, it is sufficient to use 1 spray on the back of the neck and neck. You can increase the number according to the reactions of the people around you.

Where Is Perfume Used?

There are separate environments for each perfume to be squeezed out. For example, do not use the perfume that you will use for dinner with your girlfriend in the office, or do not use the scents of work meetings when you go to a cafe with your friends. This will be funny. You don’t need to care about gender with certain perfumes. Do not cut it as a women’s perfume and throw it away. There are masculine women’s perfumes to admire and I use some men’s perfumes as well.
Don’t get too hung up on age. Perfumes are always beautiful and you can only attribute the old man scent to certain perfumes. I’m not saying you should buy everything, but don’t pass up on some perfumes called the old scent. You can miss very good perfumes. But I think it’s time for some perfumes. Perfumes produced in the 1970s were arranged according to the fashion trends of those times, and you may not like them now. The important thing is that you like it. It would be one of the biggest mistakes to buy it for someone else to like it. Perfume needs to fit your personality.

Do Perfumes Have an Expiration Date?

Perfumes either have expiration dates or they don’t. This is where edp comes to the fore. No matter how well you store edts, they degrade after a certain period of time. This period is not 36 months as it is written on the box. You can use it almost 8 years. Do not be sad that a perfume has already broken after 8 years. So don’t worry about the expiration date. Edps, on the other hand, last a very long time and do not deteriorate. That’s why I recommend getting an edp.

Don’t Buy Perfume Just Because It’s Popular

Don’t buy a perfume just because it’s too popular. In fact, stay away from the bestsellers as much as possible. When you go to a place, you do not want 2 out of 10 people to use the same perfume as you.
I also do not recommend the best-selling scents in the past because it brings back memories. Of course, it’s up to your decision.

You Must Take Care of Your Perfume

If you want to carry perfumes with you, you have to be careful! If the spray of a perfume is broken, the product gets air and spoils. Try not to buy perfumes with plastic bottles, it is much more useful to prefer glass bottles. Plastic bottles are more likely to spoil the odor.

How Much Should You Pay?

While some perfumes deserve their price, some may make you sad for the money you pay. If your goal is to impress the opposite sex, I can say that there are 250 lira perfumes that can give the effect that 1,000 lira perfumes cannot. If you like a perfume very much, but its price is high, you can look at the fragrances that copy it. I’m not talking about open perfume. Never approach open perfumes.

How Many Perfumes Should You Own?

If you are not very sensitive about this subject, 1-2 perfumes are enough, but if you like to use perfumes, this number will increase. You can get 2 perfumes, day and night, for both summer and winter months. If you buy 1 perfume for the transition season, 1 for work or school, and 1 for romantic dinners, you will have scents suitable for most of the environments you are in. If you are someone who likes club fun, I would say buy 1 club perfume. We wish everyone a fragrant day.

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